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March 27th, 2013

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Common Skype Errors

Skype is a wonderful technology that allows people with a computer, internet connection and microphone to call others on their phone from their computer. Users of Skype can also video chat with other users that have Skype, so long as they both have web cams. So, with its versatility and ease-of-use, it can be an essential key to both peoples' and businesses' everyday existence. Following this paragraph is a guide to solving common errors/issues Skype users may face:

Disk I/O Error

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Here are 13 topmost Firefox Add-ons for 2012:

1. Collusion- an Add-on that enables you to see the sites that use third party cookies in tracking your web movements. It shows in real time the way data creates spider web interactions between companies as well as other trackers.

2. URL Fixer- it corrects typos in the URLs which you write in the address bar. For instance, if you write google.con it corrects it to google.com, but first asks for confirmation. URL Fixer helps in saving time which you could use to type again.

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13 Best Google Chrome Add-on’s Released in 2012

The most popular browser in the world is Google Chrome. Over 1 out of 3 internet users browses over the web using Chrome. Like any other Google service, Chrome is laid out in a simple, fast and uncluttered manner. However, there are hundreds of lightweight extensions, apps and add-ons which you can install and make it perform better than you expected. Here are the topmost 13 Add-on’s for 2012:

1. PUppit- an amazing ability of Chrome to run complex 3D in browser window irrespective of the type of operating system used in the PC. This is a classic game involving bursting of balloons with addictive play and bright colored graphics.

March 18th

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13 Topmost Revealed Features of Firefox for Windows 8

Recently, Maxilla launched Firefox web browser to be used specifically for modern UI and desktop version for Windows 8 that is available to the public. Some of the top features included are:

1. The installer can be integrated, making it compatible with the metro browser of Windows 8.

2. The new URL for navigation is extracted from Australia's theme, which everyone will surely love. However, the theme is only available if it is set as the default browser.

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13 Things said about Galaxy Altius SmartWatch

1. It is said that Samsung is reportedly bringing a new product into the market. This product is the Galaxy Altius SmartWatch which is expected to come with smart features to resemble its name.

2. It is reported from Ruliweb forum, which is Korean-based, that the Galaxy Altius is a SmartWatch that has various modern features including a shortcut key for playing music, clock and an email reader.

March 12th

Category: Cloud Computing

Top 15 Cloud-Computing Monitoring Software in Use!

Cloud computing is the use of computer devices, which are to be delivered as a service, usually through internet. Mobiles, tablets, computers, servers etc makes a cloud network. Its name is due to the cloud shape of the network created. It is usable to exchange data between others. Cloud computing relies up on the sharing of the data through a network like internet. This network is made of computer devices.

Cloud monitoring is applicable to manage the network. Much powerful and unique software plays their role in this work. Cloud network is very complicated and can be a huge work to control. However, monitoring software helps us to get relief from this burden.

March 11th

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Top 15 qualities of Zync Quad 8.0, Quad 9.7 and Dual 7.0 tabs

1. Steady look – These tabs are supposed to have an exotic look, with a color choice of black and silver body. It has a unique style on its cover. It will give a modern look in the hand. It comes in brilliant dove white color. You can see below the dashing entry of the pad.

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15 features of Asus Memo Pad ME172V for giving a glimpse on your face

AsusTek Computer Incorporation is the fifth leading computer hardware and electronics company in Taiwan. In 2 April 1990, this company was setup. The products include desktops, laptops, graphics cards, motherboards, mobile phones, tablet,  monitors and servers.  Asus Memo Pad ME172V is one of the successes of this Taiwanese company. It's a multi-featured tablet from Asus.

Memo pad is the first tablet in sub RS 10,000 in history.   

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15 exotic additional makes GALAXY S4 a Super Phone!

Samsung is the one of the leading technology brands. Galaxy series is one innovative and aspiring series by Samsung. Samsung Galaxy S 4 will be the emperor of the series. It will be launching soon in front of the world. One should buy this because –

1. Steady look – This mobile is supposed to have an exotic look, with a color choice of black and silver body. It has a unique style of his cover. It will give a modern look at the hand. It comes in brilliant dove white color. You can see below the dashing entry of Samsung Galaxy S 4.

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13 Reasons to Procure a Karbonn A12

The Karbonn A12 is a new Smartphone that has been recently released in India. The phone is the stepchild of the Indian based company known as Karbonn Mobiles. Does it stand out from the pack? Let’s find out.

1) The Price

This is a true strong point of the phone, with a price tag that weighs in at only RS. 7699-7990it gives you a great incentive to pick it out of the multitude of bank-breaking competitors. The price tag may even turn some buyers away who fear that it reflects the quality of the phone. Fortunately this isn’t quite so.