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June 9th, 2016

Processor buying guide Whether you are buying a laptop or building your own desktop from scratch one of the key differentiator among different models is the processor. Processor is the heart of the modern computing system which rarely changes without a complete overhaul. The processor you choose determines the capabilities of your machine. With new technologies coming up like virtualization, multi-threading, multi-cores, etc. the clock speed is no longer the only thing to consider.

In the recent years apart from the conventional HDD, another option for data storage has come up, whether in laptops, desktops or external storage which is the Solid Stare Drives. Solid State drives though expensive are becoming much more common even in mid-range laptops. Earlier the only consideration in storage was the size of the disk. What should you buy a Solid Stare Drive or a Hard Disk Drive?In this article we have covered the user-specefic attributes of both to help you make a better choice.

What are Solid State Drives and HDDs explained?

June 8th

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GoPro Omni 6-Camera: A Smarter Capture

GoPro, being one the world's best action camera, keeps updating its technology and ideas and has come up with a new look on its virtual reality camera rig at a smaller level. It is called the Omni, and it's a hollowed cube that requires the HERO4 Black camera, which is sold separately. There are six camera arrays, all the footage taken by these cameras is stitched together to form a video in 360 degrees.

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Review on Canon EOS 1300D: The best entry-level camera?

Canon has released the latest Canon EOS 1300D; a new entry level camera. For all those who are into photography using their Smartphones, you can now get a chance to upgrade and have a better go at the pictures. Let’s take a quick view about Canon EOS 1300D:


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These days with more and more populations being dependent on computers, the need for best and better antivirus is increasing day-by-day. Harmful Trojans, malware and viruses affect the working of your PC and in such cases; the presence of perfect software might protect it from getting corrupt. Given below is a list of top ten Antivirus to help you save your computer files.

1)Bit Defender Antivirus plus

It is the best antivirus, and it has the golden award of THE PRODUCT OF THE YEAR. It has great technology, and it has many antivirus removal tools to remove antivirus with ease and perfection.

In today’s world nothing can work without computers. Computers are useful in fields like home, schools, colleges, business and so on. So choosing the best computer for your business is very necessary if you want your business to go on efficiently and without any problem. So, here are ten things which you should consider before buying a computer.

1) Budget

Many businesses are dependent on the working of their servers. Servers should work efficiently, and they should be reliable. They usually represent a long-term commitment. So, given below are some points that might help you to select a perfect server for your business.

1) Cost

The price of a server varies according to the functions and specifications. So, once you know that a particular server meets your daily demands, you should also check the price of the server in to let it fit according to your pockets.

Most people have started relying on computers for everything these days. However, computers are vulnerable devices and can be attacked by harmful threats and viruses which can corrupt the computer. In such cases, a backup is needed where you can store the necessary information from your computer for future preferences, and this is when hard drives come into use. Choosing the best hard drive is a difficult task. Given below are some points to consider that can make your decision easy.

1) Portability

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The key factors of a presentation are texts, images, and public speaking skills. However, there are more things that you should keep in mind for making a perfect presentation.


• Plan your presentation on paper first separately, considering the main factors and points that you need to include in your presentation. Outline the key points, messages, and objectives that you need to cover.

• Just try to keep the words limited and do all the preparation before doing the final work. Do all the research about the assigned before arranging the research work.

The list of printers is endless these days. Different types of printers are present in the market these days, and thus, it becomes a difficult job for the buyer to select the perfect printer for business. There are many important aspects that you should consider before getting a Printer. Given below are ten such factors that will make your job easy.

1) The Cost of hardware