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February 19th, 2013

Category: Apple

Topmost Features of Dropbox iOS App

Dropbox is an application that allows you to bring all your docs, videos and photos anywhere and be able to easily share them. You access all files you save in your Dropbox from your computer, iPad, iPhone or Dropbox website. Below are some of the topmost features of Dropbox.

1. Version 2.0 does not look thrown together like the previous version. Color schemes as well as contextual menus are clearly seen in the app. Labeling of tabs is done using icons instead of text. Clean lines and color gradients are uniformly distributed in all pages of the app.

February 18th

Category: Microsoft

The Best Features of SharePoint Server 2013

Microsoft typically releases a SharePoint main version after every three years. This is unlike its competitors in cloud computing, whom usually release theirs continually. This approach of Microsoft usually has some downsides, but the positive upside is the fact that after each release, SharePoint users are usually thrilled since it also comes with new and enjoyable features that the previous version. Below are the best 13 features of SharePoint 2013 server.

1. My Documents

Category: Internet

Features of Google Drive Apps

The following are the topmost features of the Google Drive apps:

1. Google Docs

Google Docs is useful in keeping everyone and everything on one page. With your mobile device, adding artichokes to a shared shopping list is very possible. You can also finish a document about your business plan while in the lobby just before the meeting starts. Google has added new features to the docs. You can now place a folder on your PC to sync your account in Google Drive which is cloud based. With Drive, you can collaborate by starting a document, sharing it with team members,  and this allows all of your team members to gain access to the file.

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Best ways of using Google Alerts

Google Alerts was the most useful service recently released by Google. Google Alerts is a tool that allows you to get email notifications especially when phrases and keywords you specify appear on blogs, websites or channels for online news. Below are 13 best ways of leveraging Google Alerts:

1. Lead research

To land to a client or company that you want, you can create alerts for staying on top of most of there recent online activity. By doing this you will get valuable information on the whereabouts of the company especially if it is your competitor.

2. Lead generation

February 17th

Category: Others

Top Most Expensive Video Games

Video games are rapidly changing and approaching Hollywood movies. Video  game developers are spending massively on developing these high definition and complex games.Most of these game are essentially small movies with cut scenes and up to 5 hours of gameplay.Gamers are also making it perfectly clear,that they are willing to pay ridiculously for these games and spend 100 of hours playing and enjoying them.Here is a list of some of the most expensive games in the market.

1. Resident Evil 6 Premium Edition (cost $1,338)

Category: Apple

Knowing your iPhone 5 better

Being the newest phone in the market from the Apple organization, everyone would expect the apple iPhone 5 to be using every bit of the newest technology. For sure iPhone 5 lives up to the name. You only need to familiarize yourself with the tricks of using this phone to make sure you enjoy every bit of the modern technology incorporated in it. This will make you enjoy the phone to its fullest extent possible. Below are the top 13 ways of helping you enjoy your device most.

1. To copy an old data

When upgrading the make of your iPhone you can simply copy your data, settings, apps and contacts easily. You are required to make  a backup for iTunes and copy into your new device.

February 15th

Category: Others

Top 13 Most Prosperous IT Companies Of 2012

2012 has seen its fair share of surprises and upheavals; some companies have gone under, whilst others have flourished.

1) Google

Google has, for a long time, dominated the internet; this distinction has allowed them to prosper enormously over the last few years and has made them the masters of the web. Last year was no different: Google saw increases in revenue, profits, and share prices. This rise upwards has also affected prospective employees, with a considerable increase in the number of people hired. The perks supplied by the company have also rocketed: it has been said that Google provides their employees with 25 different cafes.

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The 13 Most Attractive Phones for Women

1) Samsung Galaxy S3

Fast, sleek and updated to house 4G. Not to mention that it's been packed dull of amusing little features, such as the ability to ring someone just by bringing the phone to your ears and cancelling ring tones by just flipping the phone over. It comes in a variety of colors. Yes, that includes pink ladies.

Price: $600.

2) iPhone 5

February 13th

Category: Softwares Talk

The 13 Most Popular Communications Software

Communication is an important part of everyone’s life, perhaps the most important part. Here are tools that make the need for communication both easier and deeper.

1) Skype

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Top 13 Tips to Keep Your Mobile Phone in Top Working Condition

The mobile phone has come a long way from being a communication gadget to an entertainment device. Whatever type of mobile phone you own, keeping it in top working condition is necessary if you don’t want to buy a new phone every once in a while. Here are the top 13 tips to keep your phone in top working condition.

Tip 1