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May 16th, 2016

Category: Internet

Li-Fi Technology:

Harold has made an attempt to move past the era of the slow internet. Everyone is tired of sharing the same Wi-Fi connection with so many people that results in suffering through slow buffering web pages. In his attempt, Harold Haas has created an advanced relative of Wi-Fi, the Li-Fi technology. Some have been calling it the future of wireless technology.

What is it ?

May 15th

Category: Operating System

This article will help you to know the password of connected Wi-Fi networks. Sometimes we forget the Wi-Fi password but in future, we need the password. So, here is the method to get your Wi-Fi password back.

May 14th

Category: Operating System

Android Studio is software declared as the official IDE for Android application development. It is used to make Android applications. Android Studio is simple to use software and comes with various features to help Android app developers.

 Following are the steps to install Android studio in windows:-

1. Download Android Studio setup from the Internet.

Wait until the download completes.Now ,Go to the Downloads folder.

May 13th

Category: Programming

1. Incorporate the right graphics:

From using the right icon size for the app to using the right graphics, formatted appropriately depending on your app’s features, ensure you keep pace with the industry and the user’s need.

2. Incorporate legible text for users:

Every text in the app should be very legible to read and understand, displayed in right fonts. App information is of utmost help to users who go through the same while using the app for usage without any hiccups.

Category: Programming

1. Plan your programming from start to end:

Know exactly what you’re doing and plan the entire roadmap for your software development early on. This way, you will be sure of the task you’re heading towards one by one. Determine also the kind of programming you’d invest your time in.

2. Learn the fundamentals:

Category: Softwares Talk

Top 10 WhatsApp Tricks That Every User Should Master

1. Bold, italics, and strikethrough can now be a part of your replies. You can now emphasize your messages on WhatsApp with the following helpful tricks:

May 12th

Category: Others

1. Enrol users into the community:

Building a large user base is the first step to attracting finance. By incentivizing your users to sign up, you can not only analyse each user’s activity but also push the right promotions to the right audience which increases the chances for sales.


2. Initial services offered for free:

May 11th

Category: Developer

1.  Weebly:

Weebly is one of the unique and modern apps out there whose features keep pace with time and need for every blogger. Having recently started the Android app, Weebly lets you develop your website where you store everything right from the scratch, giving you an entry into the e-commerce from day one.

  2.  WordPess:

Category: Others

1.  Out of the box Idea:

Idea is the first step to thinking big. It sets the foundation for a robust app built on a series of thought process to make it fool proof. This idea is the propeller that gives you the confidence to achieve big.

2.  What’s in a name?

While one may ask this question, we all know how brands live long only through the name that identifies them, summing up their identity in one word. So choosing your brand name, a name that stands out and strikes a chord with the users is of prime importance.

Category: Software

Uses of WordPress and its Widgets