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September 13th, 2013

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How to Improve Google Ranking with New Google Search Algorithm

We do not require multiple researches and statistics to tell us that Google is undoubtedly the most used search engine on the internet. In a layman’s term, search has equaled itself to Google. We now do not ‘search’ things through the search engine; we ‘Google’ it.

The SEO business depends on Google and its search results. The recent most May 22nd Penguin 2.0 release and continuous Panda updates had quite an impact on small business websites. Many resources also confirmed the possibility of yet another Google algorithm update on August 20-21, the time when heavy ranking flux was reported in top 3 spots.

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Big Data Analytics Best Practices & Worst Mistakes

What is Big Data Analytics? Let’s first answer this question before we try to understand the Big Data Analytics best practices that you must follow and the worst mistakes you must avoid to ensure success in business and become one among the top Big Data Analytics Companies.

Big Data Analytics – An Introduction

September 11th

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A Look into Google Augmented Reality Glasses

First phones came with wires, then they became cordless, and then we finally had mobile phones. Those mobile phones then became smart phones and then their size began to enlarge. Walk in a street and you will see people walking with their heads down. You could only wish if that was out of sadness.

Category: Apple

Apple iWatch vs. Samsung Galaxy Gear SmartWatch

The world is witnessing a huge leap in technology and we have now moved on from smart phones to smart watches. We have now taken one more step towards wearable technology and these smart watches are definitely an example of what will shape the future of wearable technology. The coming year will be a witness to launches of smart watches by giants of this sector. Even though one is going to come out before the other, we will still see a fierce battle between the Apple iWatch versus the Samsung Galaxy Gear SmartWatch. When have these two giants ever missed a chance to compete against each other, anyway?

The War of the Watches!

September 5th

Category: Softwares Talk

Best Windows Data Recovery Softwares and Tips

Have you lost your critical data accidentally and now wondering if you could recover it somehow? Well, do not worry. With the best data recovery softwares available nowadays, it is possible to recover data very easily. To help you make the right choice, here are the top tips to select the right data recovery software and our review of the best paid and free data recovery softwares of 2013, including EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard, MiniTool Power Data Recovery, Recuva, TestDisk, PC Inspector File Recovery, Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery 6, R-Studio Data Recovery, and Data Rescue PC3.

Basics of Deleted Data Recovery

September 4th

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Apple iPhone 6 Rumors vs. Reality

To someone who knows very less about phones and technology, Apple is ‘the’ brand and iPhone is ‘the’ phone. The popularity can be easily imagined by the fact that Apple lovers all across the world remain awake the entire night any new device comes out.

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Apple iPhone 5s vs. Google Nexus 5

It is that time of the year again. It is the time when two of the most widely sold and popular smart phones compete with each other with their latest editions. Loaded with new technology and brilliant updates, Apple iPhone 5s and Google Nexus 5 will fight head on later this year. When is iPhone 5S coming out? What is Google Nexus 5 release date? What are latest Nexus 5 and iPhone 5S rumors? What iPhone 5S features and price can we expect to see? Is iPhone 5S better than Google Nexus 5? So many questions to be answered as the Apple and Google fans wait eagerly for the 2 much-awaited smart phones of 2013.

September 1st

Category: Cloud Computing

Best Dropbox Alternative for Secure File Sharing

What is Cloud computing? It is the concept in which you can store all your regularly used data on different servers and accessing them through the means of internet. No doubt it is great but is it really safe when it comes to secure file share? Is Dropbox the perfect solution? Are Dropbox and similar free file sharing solutions available really good enough to ensure corporate success? Let’s try to figure out.

August 27th

Category: Internet

Internet Domain Name Expansion - 20 Rules to Select a Perfect Domain Name

The World Wide Web usually restricts our choices of domain names till .com, .edu, .org etc. But now there is soon a possibility of having a plethora of new choices in the world of domain names on the internet. These might include domain names such as .book, .car, .health, .bible or anything you can think of right now!

What’s Latest?

August 26th

Category: Operating System

Windows ‘Blue’ Blues – Is Windows 8.1 Really Perfect?

After releasing Windows 8 in October 2012, Microsoft is back with its update Windows 8.1. Everything that is coming in 8.1 seems like a genuine improvement. The company finally presented Windows 8.1 for the first time at its Build Windows Developers conference in San Francisco on June 26, and it released an early preview - or beta - version for software developers to test.