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June 27th, 2016

Category: Softwares Talk

Virtual Assistant helps you to stay on top of your business and is very powerful to manage the virtual teams. There are lots of virtual assistants in the market today, and it is not easy for people to decide the best one. We have prepared a list of top ten virtual assistants that can help you to complete all tasks of your business.

1) Task Bullet

It is sophisticated software that manages all your simple as well as complex tasks. It helps to increase the workplace efficiency and saves a lot of time. It has various additional features that make it the prime choice of most of the people around the world.

Category: Softwares Talk

Face recognition software works simply by comparing and calculating the facial features from the given facial database. People use it in security systems and there are many such systems that are secure and protective. We have compiled a list of top ten face recognition software that can help you to do your work safely.

1) Face Aether Windows Log In

It is the most promising and famous software for face recognition and is made with the best technology. It has various features that can do the entire task within no time and it comes in two versions.

Category: Software

We know that businesses work mainly by sending and receiving files and fax server software can save much time. Crucial communications are covered up with the help of fax server software and with the advancement of technology; much software is available in the market today. It is not easy for people to decide the best software for their business. Hence, we have made a list of top ten fax software that will help you to make the right decision.

1) Ring Central Fax

Right Central Fax is cloud-based software that allows you to send and receive files securely through the internet. It saves a lot of time and money. It has many tools and features that suit the needs of your company.

Category: Softwares Talk

Statistical analysis software helps in the analysis, interpretation, and calculation of data and presents it in a calculative manner. There is a variety of analyzing software in the market today, and it is not easy for people to decide the better technology for their system. We have prepared a list of the best statistical analysis software that will help you to make the right choice.

1) Minitab

June 24th

Category: Web Development

Can you think of something for which there isn’t any mobile application?? If there isn’t one, then it must probably be in the pipeline. There is an app for shopping, games of all kind, important utility apps like Office, emails, booking cabs, and even one for monitoring menstruation. There is an app for calculating dowry for crying out loud! Well, that’s a prank, but still, it is an app.

Category: Software

Enterprise mobility management helps in managing the various employee-owned devices. It allows the users to secure easily and monitor the data. We have compiled a list of top ten enterprise mobility management solutions that are easily available in the market today.

1) Citrix

It is a light-weight application that provides the latest visualization technologies for business purposes. It secures app, devices and data. It provides scalable growth to the whole enterprise and provides the best security to the files.

Category: Networking

Network Attached Storage (NAS) is computer data storage server that we eventually connect to the computer network. It serves data with the help of software, hardware, and configuration. It also helps in sharing data from one computer to other. There are a variety of NAS systems in the market today, and it is not easy for people to select the best storage system. Given below is a list of top ten network attached storage system.

1) Q nap TS-251

Category: Security

Big data is a collection of large amount of data and such data that people use for improving the various customer care services. However, the data collected have posed many new problems for the scientists with regards to security and privacy. Hence, we have made a list of top ten security and privacy challenges that makes it difficult to use big data tools.

1) Security of data transactions

The data and logs that we store have more than one tier, but this is not enough. The companies have to secure these logs and data against unauthorized access. The availability of data is also very necessary.