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Organic Light Emitting Diodes (OLED) Finally Comes to Laptops

We cannot deny that the laptop displays are sometimes awful, and we have been dealing with it for the longest time. It is undeniably true that the best laptops were sold these days, and their resolution has been developing. However, the contrast and spectrum of an average laptop are woeful.

January 24th

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We are now in the world of fast evolving technology. Come to think of it billions of people were thirsty of new gadget updates. Nowadays, the real definition of technology is “convenience”. It covers a short span of time to make a difference. Fortunately, people in this generation can make use of that advantage in the form of gadgets. A unique creation that gives power to your wrist, just like Spiderman. This iWatch is a new experience brought us by Apple Inc.

January 19th

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Technology is improving with a fast pace now a days. Same applies with the smartphones which has now become a necessity. And with this new year, there is lot to offer in the technology platter.

Here comes a list of most awaited smart phones of 2016:

1. Apple iPhone 7

January 13th

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Latest Technology Changes to Watch Out this 2016

Whether it’s a wearable, Smartphone, virtual reality, or the budding types of Internet, the technology will keep on pervading all the phases of our daily lives as the year 2016 unfolds. Here is the list of the latest technology changes that will play essential roles in the next 12 months:

December 22nd, 2015

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Adobe Confirms Flash Player is Dead

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In-Demand Information Technology (IT) Courses

December 20th

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Xiaomi has become quite a big manufacturer now. The start for xiaomi was not exactly smooth because at that time there were quite a lot of other Chinese manufacturers in the market that time. Also, being a Chinese company building the brand reputation takes quite some time. But building the reputation for the company was easy as xiaomi promised quality smartphones at affordable prices and xiaomi did deliver on that front.

With the first phone being a huge success in the Indian market xiaomi decided to release more phones in the Indian market.

December 19th

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The Chinese manufacturer LENOVO has recently started making smartphones and it is doing quite well. Earlier the company was only known for making laptops and till date the company is known for making laptops but keeping up with the technology LENOVO has also started making smartphones.

Recently LENOVO had launched a phablet and named it the LENOVO K3 NOTE. This device was an instant hit as the phone offered top notch specifications at a very low price. This strategy helped LENOVO keep up with the growing demand of smartphones and because of releasing this smartphone at a very attractive price LENOVO could make a place for it in the market.

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Infocus is a new smartphone manufacturer of budget smartphones. With all most all of the budget smartphone manufacturers coming from china the INFOCUS is different. INFOCUS is a USA based company which aims to provide budget smartphones at reasonable prices. Launching these phone in India was the best bet for infocus as the market here in India is very budget conscious and the brand value of the device does not really matter as long as the device has good specifications and the device is pocket friendly.


December 15th

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It’s that time of the year again when the bells are ringing and Santa Claus is coming to town. I guess it’s the same story even for the people working in the manufacturing firm called xiaomi but this time around they are the ones playing the role of Santa Claus.

Xiaomi had started releasing phones for the Indian market and the company became an instant hit in India as the phone they offered were at a very attractive price and the specifications of the phone was such that it could even put a phone double its cost to shame. But lately xiaomi had not been releasing any new phones in the Indian market whereas in china and America the phones continued to be updated by latest models.