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May 19th, 2016

Category: Operating System

1)  Dell Inspiron 3542 notebook:

Performance is power packed with the Intel Core processor i3 4th Generation, 1.7 GHz. It gives 4GB RAM which is pretty impressive. Storage specifications include a 500 GB hard disk. 

 The design of this laptop is as good as all the other laptops Dell is famous for. The thickness is 26.6 mm. The screen measures 15.6 inches and the resolution is quoted as 1366*768 pixels. Dell models are usually heavy. Hence, in comparison to the rest, a 2.4 kg is an average. It is backed up by a four cell Lithium-ion battery.

This whole package is wrapped at a cost of around 33,000/-. Trusting the brand name and its good reception by the public, it makes the top of the list.

Category: Networking

We are no more in the age of curly wired telephones. If those phones have been replaced by its tiny battery operated version in our pockets, a technology development to be able to keep that device charged wherever and whenever required is not surprising. Wireless charging is a breakthrough that has made us leave behind the usually wired chargers and move on to the reliable and portable form. When any electrical or electronic device begins to beep indicating a low battery, we no more abandon its usage and physically connect them to the plug-point. The miracle worker is structured like a plate or pad that can be the seat for your smartphone anytime it drains its battery. Different models of phones can be charged using the same device.

Category: Database

Types of jQuery File Upload Plug-ins

I guess you all have uploaded any file, image, video, or audio on any social media website such as Facebook, or any job portal where you need to upload your resume, etc. As a designer, have you ever think of how is it done and how the code goes? If not, get to know about it today. Previously, it used to take long lines of code to design a file upload button and save a file into it. But it is made easier for today’s designers with jQuery File Upload plug-ins. You can upload any file of your choice.

May 18th

Category: Programming

How to Insert Animations in your Website using jQuery?

Category: Softwares Talk

1. Data Rescue pc3

This software is a Prosoft Engineering product. It is the solution for recovering files from a virus-corrupted or crashed hard drive. Data Rescue PC3 comes with a self- booting CD, put the CD in the CD drive, boot, and start recovering your data.

2. OnTrack EasyRecovery

Category: Others

Xiaomi is a privately owned Chinese electronics company which has its headquarters in Beijing. It develops and sells smartphones. It is ranked 5th largest smartphone makers in the world. Xiaomi also makes TVs, tablets, air purifiers, and fitness tracker. Redmi is a smartphone brand manufactured by Xiaomi.Redmi phones use the operating system Xiaomi MiUI variant.

Category: Database

Data Structure is the most fundamental and building block concept in computer science. Good knowledge of data structures is must to design and develop an efficient software system.

Data structures can be defined as the process of collecting and organizing data in the best way. Here the operations on data are performed in an efficient way. Its functionality supports a specific purpose of accessing and performing operations in a given appropriate ways.

Category: Internet

How is Algorithms Used in the Technology Business?

May 17th

Category: Softwares Talk

How many times have you wished to go back in time? Plenty of times in life, for sure, but could not. Things are slightly different in the machine world. It has a backup. With time, as we befriend technology we notice that it is less intricate than the human mind. There is always hope for the retrieval of lost data and erasing the record of unwanted activity or even reversing it.   To make our lives easier we have some helpers we would like to refer to as data recovery software. The data is mostly not deleted; it is just invisible.  The following is a mixed list of paid and unpaid data recovery software that have been creating the buzz for good reasons.

Category: Apple

On one end where people are looking for flagships of some popular tech giants there are other phone which are making a dent In the market with their low price tag but a higher performance delivery.

These phone are making it difficult to differentiate between a flagship and a mid-range smartphone.

To define the situation we can say good phones are getting cheaper and cheaper phones are getting good. So here is a list of smartphones which you should consider buying even if you are on a tight budget.

1. leEco ( Formerly known as Letv )