Would you like to stop my worries about play m3u blogger please

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hi experts , my addiction asks your guidance about how to start play m3u blogger , very nice if answered Regard

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Would you like to stop my worries about play m3u blogger please


Dear Lark,

  1. Open your webtool (dreamweaver etc.)
  2. Make a new file. This will be for your playlist.
  3. Remember when you save it, you must save it with the .m3u extension.
  4. In the file, enter the filenames of the songs you uploaded on your ftp server. Every name has to be exactly the same as the filename and every name needs to be in a new line. Also, the names should end with .mp3 extension. The order in which you write these song names controls what songs will play and in what order in the playlist.
  5. Save the M3U file after you've entered the song information correctly. Double-check to ensure you have all the names right, no typos.
  6. Upload the m3u file to the same folder on the ftp as your mp3 files.
  7. in your webtool, open the page and place your cursor where you want the playlist to be located (where it will show a widget) Paste this html code over there <EMBED SRC="FILENAME.m3u" WIDTH="300" HEIGHT="45" AUTOSTART="FALSE" TYPE="audio/mpeg"></EMBED> here the filename is to be your own m3u file's name. and now Save.

    And that is it. Now you when you go to your webpage from any browser you will see the playlist appear.


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