Windows Installer Error 160 during Installation

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How to Fix Windows Installer Error 160 that I encounter during the installation of Microsoft Windows Operating System. I need to do the Installation as soon as possible.

Please assist

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Windows Installer Error 160 during Installation





Here is the 3-step-solution to your problem.


1. There is a program you need to have in order for you to fully solve the error. This is called PC CLEANER, it is mostly used as a repair tool for Windows errors such as exe, ocx, inf, vxd, c++, activex, internet explorer errors and a lot more. You can download it to your computer and install. It can easily be installed because instructions will be provide during installation process. Once done, run the newly installed program and it will spontaneously scan your entire system. It will tell you then that the scan process was finished and you may now click FIX ALL to facilitate fixing all system errors, then reboot.


2. At some point, after the fixing process the computer will tell you that you need to REIMAGE it ‘cause by doing it so will prevent the error from coming back again. You need not to worry about this because it will just scan, diagnose and fix impaired computer not just your OS.


3. Lastly, run WINDOWS UPDATE because it will provide you the latest updates of your operating system thus, preventing you from receiving more error.


Good Luck!




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Windows Installer Error 160 during Installation


I’ve been installing Microsoft Windows on many different computers but I haven’t encountered this kind of error yet related to Windows Installer. When installing Microsoft Windows, the Windows Installer component is not literally installed. It is only copied to the system hard drive since it is a component of Windows and Windows is getting installed. So, literally, you won’t get any error on the Windows Installer itself because Microsoft Windows is not yet running.

Microsoft Windows needs to be running first before Windows Installer can be used for installing applications. And since Windows is just getting installed, therefore Windows is not yet running. You can only get an error related to Windows Installer when you are installing software on your computer like for example, when you are installing Microsoft Office, Norton SystemWorks, and others.

You won’t get an error with Windows Installer when installing Microsoft Windows operating system. If you received an error regarding Windows Installer, try updating it. If you are using Windows XP, download the latest, Windows Installer 4.5 Redistributable. You need to be running Windows XP Service Pack 2 or Windows XP Service Pack 3 to install this. If you want to upgrade to Service Pack 3, you can download Windows XP SP3 Network Installation Package.

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