Windows 7 Encountered An Error Code 80244019 During The Update.

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Recently I got Windows update notification. When I began the update something went wrong, and it started showing that it could not search for updates with error code 80244019.

Image result for 8.	Windows 7 encountered an Error code 80244019 during the update.
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Windows 7 Encountered An Error Code 80244019 During The Update.


Windows update error mostly occurs when there is some problem in connecting with Microsoft server or from the client side. In the case of error from Microsoft server, it gets repair within few hours. While for the user, side there may be different reasons for the problem. Check the internet connection and speed. Start troubleshooting Wizard to know the problem. Try the following methods to solve the issue:

1. For the error due to connection problem:

  • In search option type ‘run’ and press ‘enter.’
  • In run type ’services.msc and click ‘OK.’
Image result for In run type ’services.msc’ and click ‘OK.’
  • Service window will open. Scroll down to select ‘Windows Update’, right click, and select ‘’
  • Now we will again start it. Right click in ‘Windows update’ and select ‘Start.’ I hope that it will run successfully now.

2. Turn on DEP

  • Open ‘Control Panel’ from the start button.
  • Select ‘System’ icon.
  • In the system, select ‘Advanced system settings’ from the left side.
  • ‘System Properties’ dialog box will open. Click on ‘Advanced’ and then ‘Settings’ in performance.
  • Select ‘Data execution prevention’ and then choose to make DEP on for necessary programs and services of the Windows.
  • Next ‘Apply’ and press ‘OK.’ Restart your PC.
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Windows 7 Encountered An Error Code 80244019 During The Update.


When Windows Update cannot connect to the Windows Server, an “error 80244019” is thrown. One way of fixing this problem is to reset the Windows Update Components. Microsoft released Fixit 50202 mainly for resetting the Update Components. To download, click Microsoft Easy Fix 50202. This will directly download the 50202 MSI file. Once downloaded, run the program and accept the agreement to continue.

Check “Aggressive Mode” then click “Next”. Wait until it is finished and it should restart the computer automatically. After booting, check for updates again then see if it works. If this doesn’t fix it, you can download the update and install it manually. Go to the Control Panel and search for without quotes “Windows Update”. Next, click “View Update History” then get the update number.

After this, search Google for that update number then go to the Microsoft website that has the update and download it. Once downloaded, run and install it. Windows Update is a feature built-in to Microsoft Windows that is responsible for protecting the system by checking the Windows Update Server and installing the necessary updates. It operates continuously in the background checking for updates and applying them.

Because it is responsible for protecting a huge number of applications, things can go wrong due to technical and software glitches.

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