What is Joomla Software and how to use it?

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Want to know about Joomla software. When I download Joomla soft as a zip folder, I can not install this software because, there are a many folders. Please tell me, How can I install Joomla software? What are the benefits of installing Joomla software? Is it like web theme?

Thank you folks.

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What is Joomla Software and how to use it?


Hi Anishya,

Joomla is a content management system. For Joomla installation, you need certain things. Use your favorite compression utility, such as WinZip for Windows (www.winzip.com/index.htm).

You need support for the PHP scripting language MySQL and a Web server such as Apache.

Download XAMPP from https://www.apachefriends.org/download.html and install it.

Now name a new folder (EX: pp) and unzip Joomla zip file in it. Place the pp folder in C:XAMPPwww location.

Go to your web browser and type localhost and press enter.

Click next, next like normal installation. Set host name as localhost, admin as root, don’t enter any password, click next.

After this process, your Joomla will be installed on your computer. For details, please go to the following sites:


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What is Joomla Software and how to use it?


Just to clarify things,

Joomla is a Content Management System where you manage your Site without having to undergo but loads of editing numerous web pages from scratch in order to put Contents.

You can assign it there so that it's very easy for you to update delete and edit.

Well a web theme is part of its system, it has many features.

Just follow the information above to install it, you need Wamp or XAMPP Server.

Thanks for Reading


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