Why Nokia XL hangs everytime I open or close any applications?

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Hello guys its just 15 days I buyed Nokia XL and it started?ing everytime I make a call it has sound problem the voice blurs and also when I open or close any application it takes time to do so.I dont know what might be the problem is it hardware related error?

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Why Nokia XL hangs everytime I open or close any applications?


If your handset takes time before it can completely close an application, check if your applications are stored in the phone memory rather than in a microSD card. Your apps should be stored in a separate drive or memory instead of saving them in the same memory that your phone uses. When a mobile phone starts an application, it uses the default phone memory for the app and doesn’t use the microSD card.

When you store your apps in the phone memory and not in a microSD card, the phone will have lesser and lesser space to run apps. This limits you from running more applications simultaneously. Also, another cause why applications close longer is when there are more applications running at the same time. The way a mobile phone runs applications is no different when using a regular PC.

The more applications you run, the longer it takes to close a program because other processes from other applications are congesting the processor. Check if you have other apps running that you forgot to close and then exit them. Additionally, when you exit an app in your phone, make sure to check the Task Manager to verify if the application is completely closed.

Because there are times, even after closing an application, it still remains and visible in the handset’s Task Manager. If you still see it there, terminate the app.

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