Why Microsoft Student Encarta Stopped Its Operations?

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Hi, inmid-90, Microsoft Student Encarta was a digital multimedia encyclopedia. Microsoft published Encarta in different languages and became available on the internet but why Microsoft stopped Encarta?

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Why Microsoft Student Encarta Stopped Its Operations?


Hi, as we know Encarta was an encyclopedia in 90’s through CD’s lateral DVD’s and published on World Wide Web for free.

  1. The death of Encarta happened not just because of Wikipedia or revenue deficit. Encarta profited through Ads and other means but when profit compared with Microsoft Windows.
  2. It’s hard to become a multimedia encyclopedia web company because it was competing against the entire world. While content has to convey in the multimedia format. So in transforming from CD to the World Wide Web they face the big challenge in retooling their engineering team for web design or recruit new talent all around the world.
  3. Microsoft gave less priority compared to Windows and their office related works such as drives etc.,

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