Why I am receiving nod32 error on install drivers continuously?

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As nod32 is a good antivirus program and I have installed the latest version of it. But now it is creating problems. I am facing nod32 error on install drivers and it terminates the installation by showing message that drivers contain malicious data. I have tried different drivers set up and scan them also on my friend PC but no result. Nod32 is also tracking .Exe file setup and consider them as viruses. Some solution please.

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Why I am receiving nod32 error on install drivers continuously?


Hi Steven C Ascencio,

Nod32 by default will block the installation of driver & also will stop the execution of .exe file. They can occasionally behave abnormally for certain type of application. Thus they have provided an exclusion list. You can configure the required driver, .exe file here to exclude from the scan. Follow the few simple steps:

1. First double-click on the NOD32 icon to open the main window. Check the “Display” mode which you will find in the bottom left corner. NOD32 runs in “Standard Mode.” by default. By clicking “Change” switch to “Advanced Mode”

2. Then click “Setup” in the upper-right corner of the application window and select “Advanced Setup.”

3. Browse through the options list and click on the “plus sign(+)” next to “Antivirus and antispyware” to open another set of options.

4. Then need to select the option “Exclusions.”

5. Browse for the file or directory which needed to be excluded from virus monitoring after selecting the "ADD" button.

6. Click “OK” to add it to the exclusion list. You will have the option to modify this exclusion in the future by clicking “Edit” or delete it by clicking “Remove.”

Be aware Nod32 recommends to keep their default settings for full protection.

Hope the process helps.

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