Why any power check software is not available for computer?

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Hi guys. As so development is made in the field of computer and it works on power supply either by Direct AC or supplied by batteries like laptop. I wonder why I am not finding any power check software which could measure the power used by the computer. Now it is thought which computer takes so power while it can be considered to save PC from an overload of electricity or somewhat like that. Can any one can satisfy me please.

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Why any power check software is not available for computer?



I understood what you want to ask.

The power management and power checking software will get high voltages to operate. And the computer has all components of very sensitive nature.

If the power consumption checking system will be placed into the computer, it will much harmful for the computer components.

On other hand, we have to use more than one power checker, because the computer gets different voltage in each wire.

 So each wire should have a separate power checker.

This is the main reason that the developers are unable to develop a power checking system.

I hope you got the answer.


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