White background of a signature changed to to grey

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I was trying to apply online for GATE exam. There is a specific list of rules about how to upload picture and signature. The problem occurred when I was trying to upload the signatures.I put my signature on an A4 size sheet and clicked a picture from my phone camera. It is 8 MP camera and the picture quality is pretty good. When I cropped the image to the required size, the white background transformed into blackish grey automatically. I tried this again and again but was unable to find a solution. At last I went to a shop to get my signature scanned and uploaded it. I am very disappointed as it was a shear wastage of money and time. Can anyone please tell me why this happened? How can I change greyish background of an image to white?

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White background of a signature changed to to grey


I don’t know how you did it but supposedly if you will just crop a picture to a specific dimension it will not change the color of the background. The purpose of cropping is to get only the part or the region of the image that you need and discard the rest. If you use Adobe Photoshop CS2, you can use the Crop Tool to crop a picture. See image.

To use the crop tool, activate it on the toolbar on the left of the screen then click and drag your mouse over your image. Adjust the outline to cover only the part you want to keep then double-click inside the box to finally crop the picture. See image.

What you can do to fix your image is to transfer your signature to a blank canvas with white background and then resize the image from there. First, make sure the picture taken by your phone has a white background. Open the image using Adobe Photoshop then follow the instructions above on how to crop an image.

Once the picture is finally cropped, press CTRL + N then select A4 in Preset then click OK. Next, click the Move Tool to activate then select the window where your signature is located. With the Move Tool activated, drag your signature to the blank canvas then position it. Click Layer then select Flatten Image then save the file.

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