While Resuming Suspended VM Guest

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Error While Resuming Suspended VM Guest; VMWare Workstation Unrecoverable Error: (vmx) Exception 0xc0000006 (disk error while paging) has Occurred.

VMware virtual machine pops up an error message box when I try to resume suspend virtual machine. Could there be a disk error while paging? Virtual machine is locating a log file with the name ‘vmware.log’. Please help. Thank you for your time.

I am sharing the screen shot-

Server2 – Vmware Workstation
VMware Workstation unrecoverable error: (vmx)
Exception 0xc0000006 (disk error while paging) has occurred.
A log file is available in "H:WinSrv2vmware.log". A core file is available in "H:WinSrvvmware-vmx-6940.
dmp". You can request support and include the contents of the log file and the core file.
To collect data to submit to Vmware support, choose "Collect Support Data" from the Help menu.
You can also run the "vm-support" script in the Workstation folder directly. 
We will respond on the basis of your support entitlement.
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While Resuming Suspended VM Guest


HI Nicki Hill,

I am sorry to hear you are having difficulties with resuming a suspended virtual machine. This might have something to do that even though the software said it is already done “writing”, it was still doing the process.

The fix I’m going to provide you is not a silver bullet in this situation, as there is a chance that the data may still be lost. (But it is better than not trying)

**close VMW

*** rename the *.vmem*file you are having problems with

***rerun the renamed file

you’ll see an error asking you if you want to preserve it or discard it.

**Choose discard. It will act like the computer had an error and then just choose normal mode.

 If it really finished writing off the data properly prior to suspension then you should be ok.

Hope that helps!

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While Resuming Suspended VM Guest


Hello Nicki,

This seems to be a case of corrupted saved state. VM RAM got corrupt. We can get the VM back by “discarding suspended state”.

Follow below steps:

  1. Close any program that might be trying to access the affected VM (Workstation/Player)
  2. Browse to folder that contains VM and locate file with name SERVER2.vmem
  3. Rename this file and start your VM again (Renaming .vmem file will flush out virtual RAM data.
  4. You will get message that vmem file was not found – prompting to preserve or discard saved state – select discard and start VM again
  5. This time VM will come up.

Let me know how it went.


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