Which is better, LibreOffice or Microsoft Office?

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Can somebody please help me decide? I have both LibreOffice and Microsoft Office. I am using LibreOffice 3.4.2. On the other hand, I also have Microsoft Office 2010 Home and Student version.

I want LibreOffice because it has no charge. Moreover, it can save and access Microsoft Office formats.

If you will put into consideration the features compatibility and anything related for both, which do you think is better for me to use, LibreOffice or Microsoft Office? 

I would like to ask help in making my decision. Thank you so much! 

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Which is better, LibreOffice or Microsoft Office?


LibreOffice is basically open source office. In which you can work according to your choice. You can change its whole setup.

This is due to its open source which means free hand activity. Open source means if you know programming or coding you can make things according to your choice like you can make changes in the software.  

The way you want to look the design, activities, working, you can change everything because its backend coding has given therefore such software’s whose backend coding has given are called open source or free hand software’s.

And libreoffice also has this property. So LibreOffice is better for those who know programming and coding. The programming and coding is in C++ and JAVA which is not difficult. C++ is very easy.

I myself have studied C++ there is no difficulty in it. And in your case you have both (libreoffice, Microsoft office) and you have no compatibility issue then I should recommend you to use Libreoffice. 

This is because it will also help you to learn more things. That’s why I suggest you to choose libreoffice and it is also available free and it is open source.

According to Wikipedia it has been downloaded approximately 7.5 million times after its first stable launch in January 2011.


But if you see Microsoft office, this package has everything in it. Now this is up-to you what you want.

If you need simple thing which is easier to use then use Microsoft office and if you want something different in which you can learn also then you should choose libreoffice. 

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Which is better, LibreOffice or Microsoft Office?


Did you mention being  a student? If you do, I suggest continue using LibreOffice rather. For one, it is economically wise to use it. Well suited to all existing file formats.

You can easily transfer files from any document  platform, mathematical and presentation application and many other formats, and can easily save to Microsoft Office and other formats when needed.

Works well with almost all major operating systems such as Linux, Mac and Microsoft operating system.

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Which is better, LibreOffice or Microsoft Office?


LibreOfficeis not capable of doing all that Ms Office can do, but it's a very powerful and effective application suite. LibreOffice is both the oldest and newest alternative office suite.

Most of the LibreOffice code is based on the open-source code by this I mean it is an invent from the previous in OpenOffice.orc. It works very well with some operating systems such as Mac, Linux and Windows just to mention but a few.

Libreoffice has also undergone some few developments over the past months, this has made it have some features an improved interface, and faster and more reliable and efficient performance.

In addition LibreOffice is capable of handling very large documents with limited or no crash of your document. The main limitation is the amount of RAM on the system you are using and also the navigation in is better because of its unique features.

According to me, open office will work best with you as you may be able to learn it being an open source application suite.

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