Which is better? Google or Microsoft

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I personally prefer Google but Microsoft is regarded as the largest software company in the world. Which is the better among Google and Microsoft? While buying a laptop, should I choose the ChromeBook or the SurfacePro? What about Nokia Lumia and Nexus? While answering, please include why I should choose among the hardware and please share your personal experience.

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Which is better? Google or Microsoft


There are lots of things to consider both are great but when it comes to mobile phone like Nexus or Lumia.

I would personally go for NEXUS when it comes to phone and tablets.

Nexus gets the latest OS of android whenever it is released well so does Lumia gets the same from Microsoft.

Android is much easier to use than Lumia. Play store has more apps for everything so android have an upper hand over here at times you will find lot of apps for Lumia are released late on windows. Microsoft is improving on their mobile and tablets OS maybe windows 10 can change that but till it is released we can't say anything. So for now in mobile Business Google has an upper hand.

When it comes to laptops i prefer Microsoft Surface Pro cause Chrome OS is a glorified web browser with very few offline things you can do with it. So with less offline capabilities it will be hard for Google to Sell. Surface Pro is like any other Laptop with many offline capabilities as well as online.

So I prefer Google but for some reason i still prefer Microsoft when it comes to laptop specially cause of its offline capabilities which somewhat lacks in Google Chromebook. Though on Microsoft laptop i use lots of Google stuffs like Picasa, Gmail, Maps, Chrome. So that what makes Google leader for me.

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