Which App Consumes a Lot of Battery Power on Apple iPhone?

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I would like to know if apps consume a lot of battery power when it is used on Apple iPhone. Does the type of application being used affect the battery-life of the iPhone? If it does, could you explain how this process of excessive battery consumption affects the power level of the Aplle iPhone?

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Which App Consumes a Lot of Battery Power on Apple iPhone?


A normal app doesn’t consume much battery since it doesn’t do excessive processing or it doesn’t use more CPU. But with a game, it is a lot different. A game is also an app that you install on a Smartphone but unlike ordinary app, a game application consumes more battery because of its excessive use of the handset’s CPU and GPU.

An app’s battery consumption depends on its behavior and its use of the resources. When an app uses more of the graphics processing unit, it requires more power therefore consuming more battery. And of course, when an app uses more of your GPU, it will also require more processing from the CPU.

And again, when you have a high CPU usage, it requires more power therefore adding to the battery consumption of the GPU. When the graphics processing unit and the CPU are in high usage, expect that your battery will drain much faster. That’s why when playing a game on your phone with a fully charged battery, after 30 minutes or more sometimes the battery level drops to about 50 percent [50%].

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Which App Consumes a Lot of Battery Power on Apple iPhone?

Here, You want to increase your battery back up. You need to follow steps:-
When your are charging your device it may be generate the excess heat, Which can be effect your battery capacity. 
If you think that your device gets hot when you charge. Then you should take it out from the 
If you want to increase your device flies. There are two key factors effect on your device battery.
First, You do not charge fully and do not get fully discharge. You should plug in your device for charging when your device having 50% remaining.
 If your device gets fully discharge then it will goes to the deep discharge rate.
That is not capable to holding charge easily. Similarly if your device gets already full charged and still plug in for charging. It loose the capacity for the device battery.
To make the better life of the battery. You need to power down to avoid the additional battery use. You need to place your device in cool, Moisture and free environment.
If you want to store your device for longer time then you need to charge for 50% for six month.

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