Where can I see the details of my digital certificate?

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Where can I view my digital certificate in Internet explorer? What information can I get from my digital certificate? How can I verify that the digital certificate has been issued by a trusted authority? How can I ensure that my private key does not fall into unauthorized hands? Can I renew the validity of my digital certificate?


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Where can I see the details of my digital certificate?


Hello Abrianna

In internet explorer go to ToolsInternet optionsContent tab. Click certificates and you will able to see which certificates are currently you have.

A digital certificate contains name of certificate holder, a serial number, certificate expiration dates, a copy of the public key of the certificate holder and the digital signature of certificate issuing authority for verification from recipient end.

A digital certificate will be allotted to a holder after verifying his identity by certificate issuing authority, after verification authority gives a digital signature on the certificate, through this digital signature we can verify that it has been issued by a trusted authority.

Private Key is not sharable in public internet, it is kept secured to each user as a private thing, it is used to decrypt a message which is encoded by recipient’s public key, so the chance of falling private key into unauthorized hands is not there.

Yes, you can renew after the validity expiration of your current digital certificate, if you select and auto renew option on application of digital certificate then before 30 days of expiry a mail will come from authority for renewal, then you need to follow steps as per authority.


Derick Harris

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