Where Can I find an advance photo recovery software?

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I had an extraordinary collection of car photos. But I lost the folder. I do not know how it happened.

Some how it is deleted from my laptop. I have tried some recovery software to recover the folder but I have failed.

Do you know any advance photo recovery software?

Please explain me, how will I use it? 

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Where Can I find an advance photo recovery software?



The solution to your problem is ADVANCED PHOTO RECOVERY. It recovers the pictures and Photographs which are lost or deleted by you mistaken. Its scan by various method to give you the scan preview of deleted photos to restore them. 

You also can use it for on the memory card. It is risk free to use and ensure the maximum restore to your hard drive.

Download it and install it when you are done installing launch the application and select drive which you want to recover for pictures. File type must be selected by you. When scan get completed using preview option and select the folder and save it to drive.

Click to visit the page and download Advanced Photo Recovery.


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Where Can I find an advance photo recovery software?


Hello Kurtra,

Sometimes this happens that the system deletes some files by itself, do not panic as your first measure please see the recycle bin or trash folder, if nothing is there please double check your folder for the missing files.

Un hide the items and check it again, sometimes the virus hides the files and folders.

Always remember that the deleted files are not destroyed immediately. Stop using the hard disk and do not copy or install any other program / file. If you can't get anything then try out these recovery tools:

1. TOKIWA Data Recovery tool: Free to download and recovers the file once deleted.

2. Panda Recovery tool: Used for recovering the permanently deleted file from the computer.

3. Un delete plus Tool: Restores your lost files back to your computer.

Please download and install any of the software's. It will help you in getting back your files.



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Where Can I find an advance photo recovery software?


Hello Kurtra Bon,

There are many software out there tagged as data recovery. But most of them are paid and some aren't working. For best result, I recommend you to use Recuva. This is the best possible data recovery software and is the best possible performer.

Recuva: It is a very powerful data recovery software and is easy to use. It is also available in portable version. You can recover any file type such as, photos, videos, compressed and other. 

1. First Download Recuva from here.

2. Open it and install. It is an easy installation process.

3. Then run Recuva.

4. Now click next.

5. Then choose which type of file you want to upload. As you have deleted your photos mistakenly, so choose "pictures".

6. Now if you know from where it was deleted then choose the location, otherwise click i am not sure.

7. Click next and enable deep scan.

8. After that it may or may not find your file, it depends on the date of lost. If it is deleted early then there is 90% chance of recovering it. Now select your file and click recover highlighted.

Thank you,

Wagner Desantiago

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