What’s the use of NXGN equipment in our Area

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Hi There,

I'm planning to apply an internet connection on my location and i need a fast connection at affordable rate, but the problem is the equipment is not yet available on that area said by ISP, what they offering is wireless where they install anthena on your location. If you wait 2 to 3 months hopefully we can open NXGN equipment. I don't have idea what is NXGN.



Jessie Jones

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What’s the use of NXGN equipment in our Area


Hi Jessie,

Try to ask your ISP if you can upgrade your wireless once NXGN is ready, if you need an urgent connection then you don't have a choice but to avail what they offering which is a wireless connection then disconnect once NXGN is ready. If you want to disconnect before the 1 year period then you will be charge x 3 months of your monthly service fee, but you don't have a choice. Anyway, NXGN is stands for New Generation Network which has a fiber optic backbone connection compare to previous technology which they used LEGACY. PLDT NXGN is a good equipment, it has a vast coverage, it is the fastest broadband equipment available in the market today. This is guaranteed 1 Mb connection per node and can accommodate up to 10 mbps depending on your bandwidth requirement.
Tony Stevenson
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What’s the use of NXGN equipment in our Area

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