What Toolbars missing in espa from Mac?

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The square key in the upper-right area of the papers was visited.

This key "toggles" show of tool bars on and off.

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What Toolbars missing in espa from Mac?


Hi Rezanur,

I hope you are talking about the mini tool bar that appears on the top cornet when a word or sentence is formatted in word.

This is an interesting feature in the MS Word 2007 and Word 2012, this is the Mini Toolbar option, this allows the user to edit and format the selected text or word in a file. This appears as a small box over the selected text.

In case you don’t like the Mini toolbar then you can turn it off by using the following method.

1. Click the Office button.

2. Click Word Options.

3. Click Popular in the left pane (the default).

4.  Now you can uncheck the show mini toolbar option from the menu, and then click OK.

You can also use the following method to remove the mini toolbar.

1. Click on the file tab from the top and then click on the option which is located under the help in the left side pane.

2. Now click on general option.

3. From the user interface option, please uncheck the Show Mini toolbar option to disable the mini toolbar.

4. Now click OK

Finally you are done and you are good to go, It is very easy task, if you perform all the steps in order and do it perfectly. If you find any difficulties in the process then you can get back to me and I can help you better.

Bell Keny.

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