What is the meaning of mounting and unmounting?

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I have installed Ubuntu 14.04.1 LTS on my system and it is running fine. But whenever I open my 120 GB volume, it says that the disk is mounted and open. What is the meaning of mounting? For instance, on Windows .iso files are mounted as CDDVD. Later on, they can be unmounted using tools like Daemon Tools. What actually means mounting and unmounting? What are the differences between them?

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What is the meaning of mounting and unmounting?

Mount means that mounting is a hard disk that its makes accessible by the system. Mount is the software process that enables the operating system to write the data on the disk as well as read. Most of the disk are automatically mounted by the operating system that is connected to the software.
Where the disk image is not a physical disks. That is used for recognize the computer. Disk image can be mounted by either disk utility program or it can be the operating system. For example Nero for windows or mac for the apple disk utility.
Un mounting is a disk. It is the opposite of the mounting disk. It will takes the mounted disk but it is not accessible by the system.
This can be disconnected to the corrupting files. Disk mange may be unmounted. And RAM is used by the computer to mount the image.
Unmounted disk mange is used for "my computer" and then eject the disk. In the mac operating system is select the disk mange on the desktop and then it can drag image to the the trash. Which can be change the eject icon.
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What is the meaning of mounting and unmounting?


In computer, you normally see the term “mount” when you want to mount or load an ISO image into a virtual drive on your computer. You can also see this on your operating system from time to time especially when Microsoft Windows encountered an error during startup. Mount is normally used when you want to open or access a compressed item or media like an ISO image on your computer.

I myself, whenever I see the term mount anywhere on the internet, the first thing that comes to my mind is a compressed body of information. You normally see the term mount referring to a hard drive when the partition of the drive is using the NTFS file system. Not only in Linux Ubuntu, in Microsoft Windows, the system drive or drive C is always mounted during startup.

It means the contents of a compressed volume is unpacked or uncompressed so users can access and open the files. And when you shut down your computer, the system drive will do the reverse or will unmount the volume. This again compresses the contents of the volume to save space and for security.

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