What is the innovative search engine?

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Hi all,

I am an internet innovator.

I am seeking for some fantastic innovative search engine.

Can you provide me a list of it?

If you can explain about it that will be awesome.

Please send me the best possible list.

Please help.

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What is the innovative search engine?


Hi Tritt,

I am very glad to see your question, it is beyond doubt that the best online search engine is Google and second popular and useful search engine is YouTube especially for video, the third one comes with the name is yahoo, 4th is Bing. Now you can use Facebook as a search engine to find your friends, relatives. Now here is a short list.

Dogpile: Dogpile is one of the most important search engine. Once upon a time it was being fast and effective search engine than Google. But now it is trying to come back with its quality.Visit Dogpile here

Yippy : Yippy is a very deep Web search engines for you. Deep Web pages are naturally tuff to locate by conventional search. Visit Yippy here

Ask (aka 'Ask Jeeves'):Ask is being a very popular web search engine to ask someone.Visit Ask here

Bing: Bing is a product of Microsoft and it is very effective. It is one of the best competitors of Google.Visit Bing here

Yahoo!:Yahoo is the second popular and 1st opponent of Google. Visit Yahoo! here

Google:It is beyond all questions that, Google is the best search engine ever world.Visit Google here

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What is the innovative search engine?


These applications can enrich the research and the validation of information sources:

1. TINEYE is a search engine reverse. https://www.tineye.com/

2. KARTOO is a search engine that provides a mapping of search results which can be spatially closer to what the user is looking for. http://fr.kartoo.com

3. WOLFRAM ALPHA is a semantic search engine, which only responds to factual questions style what time is it, what time is it in any place. http://www.wolframalpha.com/


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