What is fake bots download?

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What is fake bots download? What does a fake bots download do and its purpose? Also include the advantages and disadvantages of the application for security reasons.

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What is fake bots download?


A fake bots download is an automated software program that is used by fraudsters to fraudulently change ranking on a particular chart. This gives the impression to the genuine user that a particular application has been downloaded a specific number of times so as to deem it popular. This particular feat is achieved when the software downloads applications till they reach the top of the chart where they can be seen by the Actual users.

A disadvantage is that the fraudsters will lose their credibility as well as any membership that tied them to the Service provider where the offense was committed.

There is no advantage I can see,since any payments made will be tracked and penalty will be paid for such actions.

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What is fake bots download?


A fake bot download is actually an automated program or service that increases the download times of software or the number of times the program was downloaded because it helps in increasing the download popularity of the application. Some YouTube channel owners actually subscribe for a service that increases the number of times their channels were viewed as well as control the amount of likes and dislikes.

Download bots were actually a popular secret of the app network. It is designed to download applications until they reached the top of the charts so that users or actual users can see them or will be aware of them. When users start seeing them on download search results, that’s the only time they can possibly earn like selling in-game items for game apps.

While download bots are downloading the apps, app developers don’t earn from them. It is their method of getting their product noticed by real users. Though this is a well-known secret on the app industry, they frequently deny it. Using download bots to increase your apps’ popularity is not free and usually appears as a subscription-based service.

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