What is Convert WPS to DOCX?

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Good Day Friends!

Does anyone know what is a WPS file?

Can anyone please guide me how to convert WPS to DOCX file?

I am familiar with a .Docx file but I am not sure where to get a .WPS format and how will I able to convert it to .Docx file. Please help me anyone?

Any information will be very helpful.

I will be waiting for your responses guys.

Thank you so much!

Amy Bate

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What is Convert WPS to DOCX?



.wps files were used before,but not today since they were discontinued.You can use the following methods to convert the .wps file to .docx

1.Word Viewer

1. Word viewer is a software which enables you to copy,view and print Microsoft works and documents without the programs installed.Download and install it

2.Open the .wps file with the word viewer you just downloaded and copy the text.

3.Create a new .docx document the paste the copied text.

4.Save it as a .docx format.

2.Microsoft Word

1.Open the .wps document with Microsoft word.

2.From file on the top menu click on"save as" from the drop down box then choose .docx

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What is Convert WPS to DOCX?


Hi Bate,

A WPS file is a Microsoft Works document file with the .wps extension.

It is simply an older version of Microsoft Word and there are possible ways you can open it.

  1. Ensure you know the location of the WPS document (that is the folder containing it).
  2. Open Microsoft Word office 2007.
  3. Press the control O from your keyboard to display the open box, go to files of type to display file types options with different extensions, the .wps is one of those below, choose the most appropriate.
  4. Locate the WPS file and open.
  5. Then go back and save as DOCX.

Another option is to install an appropriate works converter from www.office.microsoft.com and save it to DOCX or any other compatible format.

Remember, when installing, you have to know the version of the WPS as version 4 will not work for version 9 and vice versa.

If you still find it difficult to open the WPS file, then it might be a Kingsoft writer file and you need to install Kingsoft writer free software.

I hope this helps.

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