What is the best image format?

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 Which image format is the best? Also, I want to link images to something but I don’t know how to do it. How can I link it to something? Please help. Thanks! 

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What is the best image format?


Hello Maribel Myers,

JPEG or PNG format is better for quality but if you would like to create the image for website then no one is suitable because it will long time to load over the web.

If you want to save the image for your website then format should be web formatted.

To do this you have select the “save for the web” option from the file menu at Photoshop.

And linking the image is easy. If you would like to link the image with a website then insert the image in web design software.

Then select the image and click on the hyper link icon. A dialogue box will appear and address bar will be there. Compose the full name of he site that you would like to link with.

After composing the address click OK button. Then you will see that the picture is linked. If you click on the image then the site that was added is opening. I think it will help you.


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What is the best image format?


Hi Maribel Myers,

You cannot estimate which format is better or loser than others. It totally depends on your need.

GIF, JPG and PNG are most often used.

JPG or JPEG is the most common use for image. Almost digital camera save image in this format.

PNG also use lossless compression like GIF and JPG, but it is slower to write and read.

GIF is the best choice for Web graphic

There are many other formats. You can take a referent here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image_file_formats

Hope this helps

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