What is the best home video editing software?

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There is this video contest that I would like to join. In order to have a high quality video result, I would then need to use the best home video software that I could find. They would use the winning entry on their homepage.

Win 7 is the operating system of my pc. I saw some of the videos submitted of the contestants and I must say that a lot of them did a great job. Aside from the high quality video, their audio is very clear too. Their entries are like made by a professional.

Any suggestions are most welcome. 

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What is the best home video editing software?


If you are not familiar with other kind of advanced video editors, the basic video editor is Windows Movie Maker which will default comes with your Windows operating system.

Video editing software is also called as NLE (Non Linear Editing). It handles basically the composition of video sequences.  Almost all of the Video editing software based on a timeline interface. Then the sections of moving images of the video record, what we called clip, are laid out in a sequence and played back.

These software’s offer number of common tools such like trimming, cutting, splicing. etc and arrange clips across the timeline. And also they are able to color manipulate, visual effects, titling, editing and mixing audio with combining the video.

After completing the NLE project you can then export the movie in variety of formats in for home DVD/VCD, internet, home theater and mobile devices. etc.

There are commercial products as well as free and open source products. You can choose either of them. Here are the popular ones.

Ulead video studio

Pinnacle Studio

Adobe Premiere

Final Cut

  • Are some of commercial and advanced products which are available for video editing.






  • Are some of freely distributed open source video editing programs.

You can take the complete list by following this link in Wikipedia

This is a process of segments in motion video footage editing, sound recording and special effects. So there are few facts you have to consider when choosing the best suitable video editing software.

If you are working a huge project, I think you know what you need in 1st place. The Memory of course.  Let's take one by one. I'll give the facts of my favorite Adobe Premier Pro and my 1st video editing tool Windows movie maker.  I never tried out others because I'm satisfied with them for my needs. So you can choose your own regarding to your preferences. If you are a beginner in video editing, from experience I prefer you to choose Windows Movie Maker. Because you will really get confuse when you see the advanced interface of others. Try the basic common tools and identify them from the Windows Movie Maker and then move into other advanced stuff.

AP – Adobe Premier

WMM – Windows Movie Maker

Major point is System requirements

Supported Operating System

AP:  Windows, Mac

WMM:  Windows


 AP: 1.4 GHz

 WMM: 1 GHz


AP: 1 – 2 GB

WMM: 128 MB


AP: 4 GB

WMM: 10Mb

Feature set

HD support (High Definition)

AP:    Y

WMM:    Y

Non-destructive editing

AP:    Y

WMM:    N

Full screen playback

AP:    Y

WMM:    Y

Story board mode

AP:    Y

WMM:    Y

Video Tracks

AP:   99

WMM:    1

Audio Tracks

AP:    99

WMM:    2

Output / Export format


AP:    Y

WMM:    Y


AP:    Y

WMM:    Y

Smart Phone

AP:    Y

WMM:    Y

Quick Time

AP:    Y

WMM:    N

WM (Windows Media)

AP:    Y

WMM:    Y


AP:    Y

WMM:    N


AP:    Y

WMM:    Y

After you choosing a video editor, then consider of the output. Which format are you going to use when you rendering the video. Well as this video should be streaming through the web, you have to remember to keep a small size while maintain the quality.

Hope you find out some information for your requirement from the above details.

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What is the best home video editing software?


Hi Donald,

There’s a lot of video editing software and almost all of them are doing great, but there are also some video editing that’s so hard to use and it can’t give the video and audio quality that you are looking for, but anyway if you are looking for a video editing software then just click the link below, it’s a list of the best video editing software today read carefully about the details of each product so that you can choose the right software for you.

Video Editing Software Review 2013 | Best Video Editor Software | Video Editing – TopTenREVIEWS

You can also use Power Director for editing videos.

To download and install Power Director simply follow the instructions on the video below:

Hope this can help.

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