What Are Cookies In A Browser

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What are cookies in the browser, and how it is used? What information does cookie hold and is cookie dangerous? Can I create my cookie and what are the properties of cookie?

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What Are Cookies In A Browser


Cookies are a small piece of information the websites store on your computer. Cookies can only contain text and nothing else. Whenever a user attends a web page, it collects and stores its data in the form of cookies. It stores user id, session id, or any other text which gives only the details about the user. The next time when the user enters the same website, the website knows that this is the same person who is visiting again. The same user id is not stored multiple times, only one copy of it is maintained.

Cookies are used to track website activity. Cookies act as your identification card when you visit any website. Cookies are essentially used for online shopping. Cookies in themselves are harmless; they are not malware, it’s just data stored by a website in your browser.

You can also reject the request provided by the website that does you want to store cookies or not it’s up to the user that does he wants to allow his or her information gets stored.

Yes, you can create your cookie with the help of JavaScript or PHP. You can apply the expiry date for cookie and also cookie timeout. Cookie timeout is a very valuable property this is used when the user does not respond for more than the specific amount of time then the cookie timeout message will be displayed.

There are various types of cookies, such as HTTP Cookies, Third-party Cookies, Persistent Cookies, and Session Cookies.

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