A website to check my internet speed

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Is there a website where I can check my actual download and upload speed because I am not convinced with the claim of my internet service provider that my download speed is 3MBPS?

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A website to check my internet speed


There are two kind of websites to help you approaching on the speed test of your internet connection.


As per this websites, you can check your downloading speed as well as uploading speed promptly.

Procedure to follow:

Open the web like: https://www.speedtest.net/ on your browser, then click the button " Begin Test". It will take few moments for loading the page. When the loading will be finished, it automatically shows the downloading speed as well as uploading speed according to your internet connection which you have obtained from your internet service provider.

Another web to check the speed of your connection is http://speedtest.ptcl.net/, if your service provider is PTCL.

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A website to check my internet speed


Yes, there is. It is or the website is called Ookla Speedtest and it is already mentioned in the previous post by zpiracha. I’m not sure if there are other websites like this because this is the most popular site to perform a speed test of your connection.

The Ookla Speedtest is a free service that allows a user to perform a test on the speed of his internet connection using the most sophisticated broadband testing and analysis tools. It opens hundreds of testing locations worldwide to test the performance of a user’s internet connection. To try a test on your computer, just visit the site and then click “BEGIN TEST”.


The site automatically detects your ISP and selects the best server for the test. It first performs a ping test then measures the download speed and then finally measures the upload speed.


The result of the test will look something like this.


Aside from using Ookla Speedtest to test the performance of your internet connection, you can also perform a speed test using a program called NetWorx Free Bandwidth Monitoring Tool. It is a bandwidth monitoring tool that also allows you to test the performance of your internet connection. Just install the program then right-click its icon on the system tray and select “Speed Meter”.


When the Speed Meter dialog appears, click the Start icon to begin the test.


When the test is complete, you will see something like this.


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