Web service problem and solution

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when i'm trying to make a webservice with eclipse & tomcat v6.0 & axis2, i'm getting an error called.

This Web axisService has deployment faults

Error: java.lang.ClassCastException: org.apache.axis2.classloader.JarFileClassLoader cannot be cast to org.apache.axis2.deployment.DeploymentClassLoader at org.apache.axis2.deployment.ServiceBuilder.populateService(ServiceBuilder.java:131) at org.apache.axis2.deployment.repository.util.ArchiveReader.buildServiceGroup(ArchiveReader.java:101) at org.apache.axis2.deployment.repository.util.ArchiveReader.processServiceGroup(ArchiveReader.java:178) at  etc tell me why ?

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Web service problem and solution


Extra work to fix this issue is absolutely just essential when attempting to access a .Web Framework-based Web service using a Java customer. Due to the fact .Net Framework-based consumers understand (and need) WSDL files, they're able to instantly change on their own to deliver and also receive RPC/Encoded messages upon creation. Whenever trying to access a Java Web program with a Internet Framework-based consumer, the sole additional work needed will be the advance of the particular WSDL document alone. Apache Cleaning soap 2.2 will not assistance WSDL, so that you should either produce the contract manually inside a text editor or perhaps use third-party computer software to build WSDL from the net program course.

When working with the .Internet Framework-based Web support, the best way to ensure if it is compatible together with Apache Soap clients is always to replace your own usual <WebMethod> or even [WebMethod] characteristic using a unique <SoapRpcMethod> or [SoapRpcMethod] characteristic. This kind of characteristic suggests that the process to follow needs to obtain RPC/Encoded request communications.

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