Web Development Language For Beginner

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Which web development language is easy for a beginner? If HTML, then what is the difference between HTML and HTML5? What styling language can be used with HTML to make the website look more attractive?

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Web Development Language For Beginner


Yes, HTML is the easiest and very interesting to learn. HTML stands for hypertext markup language applied for creating webpages. Webpages are ordinarily viewed in a web browser. HTML has various pre-defined, which makes it an effortless language to learn. You can include text, images, audio, video, and even links with HTML. There are several versions of HTML.

There are several differences between HTML and HTML5, such as:

  • HTML5 supports both audio and video where none of these were a part of HTML.
  • HTML5 supports new kinds of the form control, for example, date, email, range, search, etc.
  • In HTML5, inline math and SVG can be used in text whereas this wasn’t possible in HTML.
  • There are many new elements introduced in HTML5. Some of the important ones are summary, caption, audio, video, details, canvas, footer, header, nav, output, etc.

CSS (Cascading style sheet) is a styling language describes how HTML elements will be displayed on the screen or any media. There are three types of cascading style sheet, which is inline, internal, and external. It is used to format the layout of the web page e.g. CSS can define the color of text or where it should be displayed. It can provide animations on the web page and can also assign a table’s border, the thickness of any text, and all character formatting ways.

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