Want suggestion for buying a new web cam

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I want to buy a good web cam for my personnel use, I want your suggestions. I check online for names, I found these one.

You want to pick from these. And give me note why you select that.

  • Logitech HD C310
  • Logitech C510 HD
  • Microsoft LifeCam HD5000

I want your opinion before selecting it,

Please help me.

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Want suggestion for buying a new web cam


In my thinking you should go for Microsoft LifeCam HD5000 because its small and easy to attach with laptop screen and LCD screens.

It have low in price from Logitech C510 HD. The main features is true HD with 16:9 Aspect ratio. And i think it's look and design is very good. It's lifecam software boosts the entertainment value with clever 3D video overlays and effects.

Also have autofocus to maintain the solid picture. 

The picture quality is very nice and real touchy. I think you should go for it , it's very good in it's price. So if you ask me then i Microsoft Lifecam Hd5000 will be my 1st priority then Logitech C510 on 2nd.



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Want suggestion for buying a new web cam


The first thing you will consider when purchasing a webcam is how much money that you are willing to spend. It is important to ensure that you purchase the webcam on your targeted budget so before you go out and buy one, jot down some features you would need, like and then look for them. Before making a choice involving the purchase of webcam equipment, it is best to decide exactly how you intend to use the technology.

Ask your self what the primary use of the webcam  will be like using it to keep in touch with people who may live far away from you, for video conferencing or you could be looking to increase your home or small business security by keeping a better eye on the place while your not around. Your choice depends to an extent, on what you are intending to show. When buying a webcam you have to know the features it has to offer.

At first, check the minimum requirement of your computer so you will not face any problem  with your computer system  and it fits well with you prefer. Then consider the resolution rate the standard is 320×240, but there are also some out there that go up to 640×480. The resolution is measured in pixels the higher the number of pixels a webcam, has the better the image quality that it may provide. If your intent is simply to monitor the entrance of your home, it is not necessary to present high quality images. However, if your requirements include reaching a large audience, a higher end quality or megapixel that can capture high quality images, is a smart purchase.

Your Internet connection really decides the frame rate of a webcam, but when you’re buying one, a certain device with 30 frame rate per second offers high quality of image or picture. Checking the lens of your webcam is also important, it comes in glass and  plastic lenses. A glass lens provides clearer and sharper image than the plastic lens. Another features you may want to look such as pan, tilt or manual adjustable focus are beneficial however it would depend on how the webcam would be used. If you're planning on using a web cam outdoors, be sure to purchase one that is weather proof, with UV protection.

Also look at what power supplies are available, and if there are any robotic requirements for focus and camera movement. Choosing a webcam with the right sensitivity to light would depend actually on the type of environment that you plan to use it on. There are some webcams out there that don’t just work that well in highly lighted environments,some are too sensitive to light that they may not be able to operate well outdoors or in broad day light and also other webcams may not be able to work well in the dark. Then choose which one is suitable for you. If your decided to buy what you need and want it is better to compare the prices at various places.

At the end of the day, It’s getting more what you pay for..

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