Visual Studio shows same output after code changing

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I am using visual studio and working on a project in C++. I am having issue that when I compile the code two or three times after that when i make changes in code.It does not shows any change after compilation. please help because I need to restart the visual studio every time when i get this problem.

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Visual Studio shows same output after code changing


Though my programming knowledge is limited only to BASIC and a little of the assembly language, in my programs before, whenever I change something in the code whether I inserted another loop or I deleted a subroutine, I always make sure to save the file first before trying to compile it.

This way, in case an error occurred that might cause the programming language to exit, I know my work is safe because I already saved it earlier. Since you are using a different programming language, though supposedly the changes you made in the code should appear on the compiled file, just try saving the file first after making some changes.

Once the file is saved, try compiling it and then see if the modification you added appeared in the compiled file. If it doesn’t change the output, exit C++ and then open it again. Load the saved program and then compile it. This time the changes you made should appear in the output.

If it doesn’t, there is a problem in the instructions you added. Review the code again and make some corrections and then save it. Compile the code again.

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