Visual Studio 2012 Best Features

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I find it interesting that Visual Studio is the only Microsoft product developers automatically upgrade without giving it a second thought. So I'm trying to develop a Store app using Visual Studio 2012.

What are the significant helpful experiences or challenges encountered with Visual Studio 2012 Best Features?

I'm excited to use the new Evil Code Monkey feature that's now included in IntelliSense. This will point out your ugly code, and allowing you to Google the correct way to write it. I find it very helpful since after copying and pasting codes, things can get messy so this feature can make things easier for me.


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Visual Studio 2012 Best Features



Hello angela,

Think you are getting much benefit from your new installed visual studio 2012 and you already have discussed about code cloning detection procedure and here i am going to discuss in brief about the most beneficial and upgraded feature associated with latest visual Studio 2012. Hope that will help to enhance usage of latest  visual studio at a wide range of sections.

  • Visual Studio 2012 is improved to colorization of icons on the toolbars from older back lashing and monochromatic version.
  • Building up metro-style app using its templates and HTML, Javascript or XAML and VB, C# , C++. Those also generally support Windows phone apps.
  • New version of .Net framework are also included with VS 2012 and improving supporting of parallelism and IPv6, Zip compressing supporting, Hyper text Markup language 5 etc new features are included with it.
  • Earlier isolated purchasing Lightswitch have been included with this latest version.
  • IIS express including latest VS 2012 have brought an solution of incompatibility problem of older version.
  • Intel and ARM processor supporting windows Run Time is conjugated with VS 2012.
  • latest version of VS has brought new solution for explorer.
  • Weaker condition of SQL server improves to more faster SQL server in this version.

Best of luck.

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