Virus & spyware definitions update failed

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Hi all,

I have Microsoft security essentials antivirus to protect my system. I set to scan every week by default. By mistake I clicked the pop up advertisement while watching a video. I got little bit scared whether it might download some virus, so immediately I started to run the antivirus. But I got this error message, ‘system is connected to Wi-Fi’. Why I am getting this error? Please suggest me some solutions. Thanks.

Virus & spyware definitions update failed

Microsoft Security Essentials wasn’t able to check for virus & spyware definition updates.

Make sure your computer is connected to the Internet and try again.

Click ‘Help’ for more information about this problem.

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Virus & spyware definitions update failed


Virus and spyware definitions update failed means Microsoft Security Essentials is not able to check for virus and spyware definition updates. This problem happen when the computer isn’t connected to the Internet. So to fix this issue, at first be sure that your computer is connected to the Internet perfectly and then download the virus & spyware definition update again. If you see the problem is occurring for bad connection of Internet, here the instructions how you will connect to the Internet perfectly.

Then follow these steps to download Microsoft Security Essential updates.

1.  Follow the process to start Microsoft Security Essentials :

  • Double click on the Microsoft Security Essentials shortcut from your computer.
  • Click  on “Start” Menu >> type “Microsoft Security Essential” in the search box >> Then click on “Microsoft Security Essential”.

2.  Click on the “Update” option and click “Update”.

3. Waits few seconds as Microsoft Security Essentials checks for & downloads any available updates.

After that you will not face any problem.

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