Verizon fails to purchase the files from cart

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Hi there,

I want to purchase a song and this error appears and tells me that is not available anymore. On the cart is available and I don’t know why is not working. Can anyone help me please to fix this ? how should I proceed next ?

Thanks !


The following item(s) could not be purchased:

RingbackTone “Whistling in the dark”

We’re sorry. These are no longer available and should be removed from your cart.

{Item Name} Code: 247

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Verizon fails to purchase the files from cart


There is no problem here actually. It is really possible that the item on the store is still shown or displayed as available but actually it is not. There may be a problem with the site or the software that handles all the online purchases because normally when an item is purchased, the software that handles the purchases automatically removes it from the available items.

It is normally handled by the system or by the software installed on the website and not managed manually by a person because that will be a very hard job especially if you have many items on the store. What you should do is remove the item from your cart and pick a different one. Or, you can also contact support to let the administrator know about the issue.

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