VBA Macro recorder for AutoCAD 2012

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Is it possible to have VBA Macro recorder for AutoCAD 2012 as that of VBA Macro recorder in MS Word & Excel. I am used with the VBA Macro recorder in MS Word, Can anyone guide me about having VBA Macro recorder in AutoCAD 2012.

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VBA Macro recorder for AutoCAD 2012


You don’t really need to use a VBA macro recorder to be able to record actions in AutoCAD. If you need to execute several actions or tasks for several times, you can use the built-in Action Recorder in AutoCAD to record an action macro. First, open AutoCAD then load your project.

Next, select Tools tab then click Record under Action Recorder panel. See image.

After clicking the Record button, you will see a red circle icon displayed near the crosshairs. This indicates that the Action Recorder is activated and commands and input are now being recorded. See image.

You may now begin doing the actions you need to record in your project. When you are finished, click on the Record button again to stop the recording. Enter the name of the macro and click OK to finally save it. While you are recording, the commands and input you entered in the command line are recorded though it will not record commands that will open or close drawing files.

If a dialog box is displayed while recording, it will only record the displayed dialog box and will not record the changes made to the dialog box. Remember to not use dialog boxes when recording and use only the command line version of the command. For example, instead of using the HATCH command, use the -HATCH command.

To see how the actions are recorded, visit Record an Action Macro with Action Recorder.

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