The Use Of Dummy Email Address For Testing

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Hi. What is the use of dummy email address for testing and how can we use these email addresses in Gmail? Please reply ASAP. Thanks in advance.

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The Use Of Dummy Email Address For Testing


Hi. The reasons to use dummy email address for testing are-

1) In case you are required to sign up in a store but do not wish to receive any further emails regarding the launch of new products. Thus, a dummy email can be used in this case

2) If you want to test an app that you have just created by sending requests from the client side, then, dummy emails can be used

3) If you want to sign up for some app then there is no need to manage an altogether different account. Rather, use a dummy email

4) If you wish to send some mail to the editor of a newspaper with an unknown identity, then, a dummy email can be used.

How to use dummy email:


In case you wish to find out how are you receiving so many spam mails and who revealed your email ID, then use the dummy email. You can add a plus sign at the end of the name of your id and then write whatever you wish to so as to create the new email alias. Now, whenever you receive an email, click on the plus sign in the “to me:” option and you will be displayed whosoever gave your Id away! It is that simple.

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