Usage of different parts of Visual Basic 2015/6.0

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I would like to ask for the following information. What is the purpose of Properties Window? What are the attributes that I can use and change to modify my form in Visual Basic? What are the tools available in toolbox? What are the different steps in creating a simple program in VB 2015? Can you expound the steps and explain it to me? What are the things that I need to keep in mind in creating a program? Please help me with this. Thank you very much and have a nice day!

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Usage of different parts of Visual Basic 2015/6.0


Hello Kimberly!

The use of Properties Window is to display the list of properties or attributes for the controls available from the tool box. You can set it alphabetically or categorized. There are several properties that you might utilize in creating Visual Basic Program. You can change the Caption / Text property  to change the caption in the title bar of the window program. You can change also the font, using the backcolor property to change the color of the form. You will always use the (NAME) property to rename the form. Some of the tools that you can use in Toolbox are pointer, label, frame, text box, command button, picture box, scroll bars, shape, line and more. There are 5 common steps to create a program not just to VB but also for the other programming languages.

1.  Examine or study the problem.

2.  Design the output windows or appearance of your program.

3.  Write the codes of your program.

4.  Test your program or application

5.  Debug if necessary if there’s any error.

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