Unable to Use Atf Software Properly

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Hello guys. My problem is that I am unable to use atf software properly. I have been repeatedly getting an error while trying to use this software. It comes every couple of days. I have been facing this issue for the last couple of months, and I am not sure where this problem is coming from. Is it my computer that is doing this, or is it the software?

I have attached a screen shot.


Advance box turbo flasher System Error.code:S access is denied.

Any help is appreciated.

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Unable to Use Atf Software Properly


If you having any problem with the software, you need to consider the installer, operating system and the computer hardware. So solutions that you may try are as follows:

1. Try to install it to other computer, if it runs ok the problem is in your computer system. You must check the manual of the software like system requirements.

2. If the error still occurred to other computer, the problem maybe also in the software it self or still on the computer system (Operating system version,hardware specs). Try to look for other installer. Sometimes there are corrupted file that why you encounter error. It much better if you will use another version or latest version of the software.

3. Clean your computer system, Update your computer operating system before to install the software.

4. If the error still occurred. Contact customer support for the software.

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Unable to Use Atf Software Properly



I'm Hanan, I need to help you to solve all your problems about using "ATF" software:

First you have to:

         *Back up the RPL and PM Back up.

          *Uninstall ATF and delete the ATF folder.

           *Install V8.60> and click on updates importants files.

           *Restore the box.

***But if you still have a trouble with ATF:

    Go to "Product Support " Tab and click the "Restore box"button to fix the box firm ware.

***** If the trouble dosn't solved:

         1.Make sure you are not using USB HUBS.

          2.Make sure your USB port is USB 2.0.

          3. Make sure you are using the latest drivers.

*********If you try to solve your trouble again with ATF software you have to use a THACKER USB cable,connect ATF directly     

                to the RootPort.,then you have to uninstall Drivers ,Reboot PC,Reinstall.

****If your trouble still annoying you just: 

            ** Search your Entire pc for "Ftdibus.sys".              ** Delete all "FTDI bus.sys"files you find.

            **Reboot pc.                                                               ** Disconnect  ATF box and all boxes from pc.

            ** Run c / Advance box turbo flasher /Driver/Remove ATF drivers/Remove-ATF-Drivers.bat.

            ** Reinstall ATF software.                                        **Connect ATF box onlyto your USB port.

            **Install the correct Drivers.

And now i hope to have got the answers to solve your problem as well.






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