Unable to make copy work, which was created by 1Click DVD Movie

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Hi all,

This is a huge program and I need to use it at any time when needed.

I applied it to burn the final episode of "Desperate Housewives" for this very last season.

The files are in AVI format and 1Click DVD Movie created a prefect copy.

I purchased a copy of this video on a USB jump drive and I figured that I wanted a copy on DVD. I have tried to make it work, but then, it presents me this error message "Internal Software error: VobulatorBlockPlannerBlockPlanner.cpp, Line 234."

Also, I have never found any trouble with this in the past years, but this error message has just stumped me.

I am not able to run it in all media players either, it works in VLC alone.

However, I tried creating chapters and menus and then I tried a sample of it on 1Click DVD Movie, but it worked then!!

So, I am not sure what I am making wrong on that time, since it is just a 2-3 minute video plus audio and the file is 136 MB on the jump drive.

When I try to make use of this file in the first time on 1Click DVD Movie, it ended the menus, transcoded. Moreover, then it would present that error message "Internal Software error: VobulatorBlockPlannerBlockPlanner.cpp, Line 234".

So, I need to solve it. Please help me.

Thanks in advance.

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Unable to make copy work, which was created by 1Click DVD Movie


Hey Nicko,

Most DVD software today makes variable-rate video (and their audio).  Converting them to constant bit-rate video needs updated software.

Even if your current software setup is able to convert and burn those DVD files (VOB), they will either be declared:

1. "Unsupported Format"

2. Will play video but not audio (no sound)

3. Will play sound only (output on screen remains black)

4. Will play video faster then sound

4 a. and end the playback prematurely

4 b. finish the video with a black screen towards the end.

Please update your operating system, even Windows needs to update its audio and video components.  Download new and install your preferred audio-video codec packs. Download updates for all your software used in making the DVD files.

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