Unable to Login on the Administration Service

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Since last few days, the administration services web console was responding slowly, 5 minutes for each action. From the need of solving this issue, in another server, I have installed a new Administration services.

After this installation I can’t access the web console through logon. I found the following error message on the BAS-AS log file: getAuthenticationCredentialsLocal stored password could not be decrypted

I have created a new service account on the KB18161 for the AD authentication without special character on the password, but same problem.

I also run the SQL cmd: basUtility "C:Program FilesJavajre1.6.0_18" "D:Program FilesResearch In MotionBlackBerry Enterprise ServerBAS" hash "<LDAP Password>" > C:Output.txt

The problem has been the same. I really need a solution on this issue. Your help will be appreciated.


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Unable to Login on the Administration Service



Dear Genelyn harvard,
For security issues, the LDAP password is hashed before storing in the configuration database. When the password is edited, it's added in the database in plain text and not hashed this time.
And because BB administration service automatically retrieves password from hash, it doesn't understand the plain text format and so you got this problem. This issue is resolved in BB enterprise server version 5.0.0 MR1 which you need to apply. Follow these steps to do:
  • Log in as the BB Enterprise Server service account.
  • Click Start -> Run -> Services.msc.
  • Stop all the BB Enterprise Server services.
  • Double click the bes500mr1.msp to install BB Enterprise Server version 5.0.0 MR1.
  • Start all BB Enterprise Server services.
Hope this may help you.
Best of luck.

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