Unable to install Magic Install 174 msi

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Magic Install 174 MSI throws back 'Installer could not install' error. I tried restarting but it does not solve the problem. Can anybody help? I have windows XP professional installed on my system

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Unable to install Magic Install 174 msi



The following could be the possible solutions to your problem:

  1. The installer is not able to install because of the anti virus. The anti virus on your system may be blocking the installer from running. This happens when the installer does not have a valid certificate or when it contains malware. If you trust the software then go to your anti virus settings and move the installer to the trusted group.
  2. Check the firewall settings as it may block the installer from running. If the firewall is blocking the installer from running then edit the firewall settings.
  3. Make sure that you are logged in to the account with administrator rights.

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Unable to install Magic Install 174 msi


I also have a Magic Install setup CD but I haven’t encountered that problem yet. Normally, when you insert the disc to your optical drive and it autoplays, the disc automatically detects your operating system and installed hardware devices and disables the parts or sections of the disc that contains installers not compatible with your system.

If you encounter “Installer could not install” while using the Magic Install CD that means the installer is available for your system but encountered a problem. If this is an old setup CD, try cleaning the disc first by wiping its surface with a soft clean cloth. You should also check if the surface of the disc contains scratches.

Scratches on the surface of the CD sometimes prevent data from getting read and this triggers an error. The ability to read data on the scratched surface of the CD depends on the condition and quality of the disc. I have a CD-ROM disc that contains many scratches on the surface but all installers in there are very much accessible.

After wiping the CD, insert it back then see if you can run the installer again. If it triggers the same error, try cleaning the lens of your optical drive. You can use the usual lens cleaner for your DVD player to clean the lens of your optical drive.

Another way of cleaning the lens is from the inside by opening its case and wiping the lens with soft cotton slightly soaked in rubbing alcohol. But this is for advanced or experienced users who know what they are doing. After cleaning the lens with a lens cleaner, wait a few seconds before inserting the Magic Install CD then try running the installer again.

If the problem continues, try the CD on a different computer with an MSI motherboard to see if you can run the installer there.

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