Unable to download templates or clipart on Mac

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Hi Everyone,

I am facing an issue with downloading online templates or Clip Art on to a Mac machine running OS X 10.8.5 and Print Master 2012 Platinum. I checked the internet connection on this machine and verified that I am connected to internet and do not have issues with the connection speed. I am able browse the web and I could download a PDF. But when it comes to clip arts and templates, I get this error. No matter from which ever site I try, or how often I try, I always get this error. What should I do? I do not have administrator access on this machine and couldn’t check if it was a firewall that is causing the issue. Or does the issue itself have some connection with having standard user access? I have absolutely no idea why this keeps happening. Please help me to find a solution for this issue. Did anyone else face a similar problem? Any help to resolve this problem will be greatly appreciated.


PrintMaster 2011 Platinum <3.0.70> encountered the following error:

Unable to download the ! Forest Clip Art file from the Internet

Most of the PrintMaster 2011 Platinum content is initially stored online and needs to be downloaded the first tie it is used. Please make sure you are connected to the internet and try again.

If the situation persists, please visit the technical support website at

http://www.printmasterpacks.com/ support

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Unable to download templates or clipart on Mac


Normally, when your user account has insufficient access privilege either on files or folders, you will receive an error associated to access privileges such as “You don’t have enough access privileges for this workspace”. When your error appears something like this, it is obvious that you have insufficient access rights to access the resource.

An error such as this can easily be fixed by simply modifying the access rights for that certain file or folder and just adding your username to it. But here, it doesn’t say anything about insufficient access privilege. Since you are only using a standard or limited user account, you should ask the administrator to install the templates for you.

The reason why an administrator account is needed in installing the templates is because downloading the templates will create modification to the program because it will install the templates to the program itself. In case where a problem happens and you are only using a limited account, you won’t be able to restore the program back to its previous state or reinstall it.

Limited user accounts is only granted with read and write access rights and is not allowed to make system wide changes like installing applications to the computer.

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