Turning off my computer when I’m away

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Hi! I usually leave my computer on hibernate when I'm at work, so about 10 hours. Will it hurt my hard drive and my CPU?

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Turning off my computer when I’m away


Hi Steven,

Leaving your computer on for 10 hours still depends on you and technically it does not hurt your hard drive or CPU as long as you are doing a monthly de-fragment or the process of cleaning up your PC.

My tip is still to shutdown your pc due to Economic condition – typically a computer consumes about 300 watts a day depending on your usage. What's it for you? You could save energy and money at the same time if you do not leave your PC on if you are not using it not unless you really need your PC to stay on for about 10 hours a day. How you could save? Assuming electricity costs about 10 cents per kilowatt-hour, and then those 10 hours represents 30 cents a day; so that 30 cents adds up to $109.5 per year so see you could save that money. 

Whether you turn off your PC or not whenever not in use still your choice because somehow when you turn on and off your PC at all time it could also lead to stressing the computer's components such as overheating since when the CPU chip is running it could get quite hot and when you turn it off it cools back down.

– Asis



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