Tupac hologram in Coachella. How?

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Hi! It was really amazing how they made Tupac appear in Coachella just recently? What technology did they use to make that Tupac hologram? Any idea?

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Tupac hologram in Coachella. How?



The first thing they get to do, is to recreate the images of Tupac, actually these was not archive footage, but new recreated footage on a computer, the engineers have actually used information and videos of Tupac that was recorded before his death to recreate new movements and dialogues.

Then they used an old trick for the projection, but now they did it with a very high tech. projector that projects the image on a highly reflective piece of Mylar as shown in the image below.

This way the piece of Mylar will reflect the image of Tupac to the audience, and at the same time the audience can see what is behind this piece of Mylar.


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