Tips on protecting children from internet abuse

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I am a parent and I want to know how to ensure that my kid is protected even when she is online. Can I block some sites for her? Even after that, what other measures can I implement? How can I be sure she is safe from predators?

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Tips on protecting children from internet abuse


As parent first of all stay behind of your child what she i s doing when using the internet. Make her to understand that the internet has both good and bad sides and specially make her to understand if you get into bad side it will completely affect her life.

In technology side you can use a proxy server to avoid visiting unsuitable web sites. Use a genuine Internet security software too. strong Internet security  If she is  using a social network services ask her to stay connect with only the "people that se knows". That will help her a lot not being bullied by any one. hope this will help you alot

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Tips on protecting children from internet abuse


You should teach your child how to be honest and be open to her what is right from wrong. Always guard and trust her in everything she does and be there and responsive always whenever she has a problem to avoid in engaging in bad influences. Try to tell her not to engage too much in social networking sites because there are also disadvantages and advantages in it.

Here are some top social networking sites for children that you can choose

.   Parents monitor activity a social site for kids
    Limited but a social network with training wheels
    Protected social networking site for teens.
    A social network that block precarious adults for kids only
Sweety High
     Exclusive social network in strong for privacy for girls 
    Well-supervised site where kids uphold society standards.

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