Tips and Tricks on Google Docs

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Tips and Tricks on Google Docs

I am new on using Google Docs and as i believe any work has a easy way and a hard way. So wanted to know some easy ways of using the Google Docs

Some easy and hidden stuffs about Google Docs

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Tips and Tricks on Google Docs

Here some Tips and Tricks on Google Docs.
1.Download all BACK-UP
Google Docs is all regarding the cloud, so it doesn't understand the thought of desktop’, right. Wrong. Google Docs actually makes it very easy to every transfer and transfer files.If you'd wish to back-up all of your Google Docs files continue Google’s servers to your drive, opt for what files you'd wish to transfer from the foremost the Google Docs screen. Next, click ‘Actions’ and opt for ‘Download’, then you’ll be given
with this dialog box.
You’ll then see what share things of every file kind you may be able to transfer, and you may be able to even convert the file-types. You’ll find yourself with a showing neatness prepackaged zipped folder on your drive.
2. Drag and drop
Despite being cloud-based, you'll still drag and drop between your diskdrive and your Google Docs account, tho' this solely works in Chrome or Firefox.
Simply drag your file(s) from your folder onto the most main Docs screen…and voila. however by clicking on the ‘Upload’ button, you'll be able to choose entire folders to transfer, and this may conjointly conjointly bring any sub-folders with it.
3. Inserting pictures
Speaking of drag and drop, you'll be able to additionally drag and drop pictures directly from your desktop into specific Google Docs, that may be a pretty fast method of sprucing up a document.
Moreover, you will extremely insert photos directly from a Google Image Search and Picasa internet Albums. just visit ‘Insert’ so ‘Image’ on the menu , and take it from there.
4.Google Docs to store all of your files
Hi, we've lined but Google Docs permits you to store all of your important documents. but if truth be told, it area unit usually accustomed store with relevance any quite file, whether or not or not that’s Associate in Nursing mp3 or a .jpg. Of course, you won’t be able to ‘play’ of those files, but Google Docs will play many sorts of video practice Google Video player. so you will use Google Docs as a sort of cloud-based backup tool for all of your files.
Say you would like to store your entire mp3 assortment inside the cloud, you will price a lot of extremely to pay cash for a storage established, which could be used across all Google services yet as Gmail, Picasa and Google Docs.
Of course, an everyday Google Docs account comes with 1GB of free storage for uploaded files, this doesn't embrace your actual documents created in Google Docs or files you've regenerate.
If you run out of storage, an additional 20GB a year can worth $5, 80GB can worth $20, 200GB can worth $50…all the high to a thumping 16TB, that's in an exceedingly position to line you back $4,096.


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Tips and Tricks on Google Docs

1. Create a Drawing within a presentations:
Insert > Drawing (save the picture you want to insert).

2. Fix picture in position:
First click on the image and at the bottom click on fixed.

3. Max out your editing space:
F-11 button enables full screen where you can use your entire screen as workspace.

4. Click and drag images into doc from desktop:

It's an relatively easy process, just click on the image file and drag it to the doc where you want to place it.

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