How to change Youtube photo?

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I use YouTube a lot and I have uploaded many videos. I think that I'm gaining popularity these days and I need to change my profile picture and make it unique than others. I have changed my profile picture on Google+ but my picture has not changed on YouTube. How can I fix this problem?

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How to change Youtube photo?

Good to know that you're gaining popularity on YouTube. A good picture attract more people and describe your personality or about yourself.
So your profile picture must be unique.
To change your profile picture.
Type 'https"//' in your browser search tab and hit enter.
'Log in' to your YouTube account.
Go to 'My Channel'
Click on your Picture to visit your Google+ page.
Click on your image and 
Choose the image by dragging or using the option,  Select a photo from the computer.
Check your YouTube channel after 5-10 minutes.
If your picture will not change, then maybe the problem is in your browser or internet speed. Try to change picture using another browser. 
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How to change Youtube photo?


If you are referring to the profile picture and not the channel art, by default, your YouTube channel gets your Google account’s default profile picture. This means, whatever picture you use on your Google mail as profile picture, it will also appear as your profile picture on YouTube.

To change your YouTube profile picture, login to your YouTube account then click on your YouTube account icon on the upper right corner of the screen next to the bell icon to bring up the dropdown menu. Select “My channel.”

YouTube my channel

On the next screen, click “EDIT LAYOUT.” Move your mouse pointer over to your channel’s profile picture and click on the pencil icon and then “Edit.”

YouTube profile picture

Now, follow the instructions to upload a new profile picture. Once the picture is uploaded, it will not appear immediately on your channel. The changes you made to your YouTube channel will take effect after a few minutes so don’t get surprised if you don’t see your new profile picture after doing this.

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