Is there any project analyzer for my project.

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Hi all experts,

I am working on a project on my college website, where I have to update daily to daily activities happening in college.

Can anyone help me out or suggest me some online tutorial that would work as a project analyzer.

I am working on PHP language.

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Is there any project analyzer for my project.


Hello there Dixon,

First of all, good luck with your college website. Hope it turns out as you imagined. The way I see there is an ambiguity in your question. Do you want some online tutorials or a code analyzer for PHP?

Well, if you need a code analyzer for PHP then there are some good ones like

All these help you write clean and semantically perfect code by pointing out redundancies and inefficiency in your code.

On the contrary if it is Online Tutorials that you are searching for then nothing is better than:

  • The official PHP website.
  • PHP Tutorial.(Use this for quick lookups of syntax, functions etc) 
  • Zend tutorials for PHP.  (Fully Detailed tutorial- follow this if you have lots of time and are just a beginner)

I hope my answer will be of great help to you and help you in your work. Cheers.

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