Tell me how to save SMS via bluetooth to PC

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Hello TechyV Support guys. I come here again, with another problem. I have a mobile phone which obviusly has bluetooth. My Laptop has bluetooth too. Now, on the phone I have about 1000+ SMS that I want to transfer to the PC. Here is my issue. I have no idea how to do that. I know that you do, so I ask you to explain to me how to save SMS via bluetooth because I did some research and found answer that would not help me at all.

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Tell me how to save SMS via bluetooth to PC


To transfer your texts from mobile phone to laptop instead of using Bluetooth you should follow this way:

Download GodswMobile SMS Transfer to your Laptop.

Using ActiveSync or memory card copy the installation files “GodswMobileSMSTransferSetup.CAB” to your mobile.

On your mobile device go to File Explorer > Navigate CAB File > Click Install

Click OK when the installation completes.

Click Start > Select Program “SMS transfer”, and then select Backup SMS

The following screenshot appears, and you have to choose file name, format, and location for your file and Click OK

As the backup completes, a file of your text messages is saved in your phone. Transfer it to your laptop by memory card or ActiveSync.

To view this folder in your PC, Run > SMSTransferManager.exe > Manager Window

Click File > Import > Select Backup file > SMS in SMS manager

When import completes you will see a message and click OK.

You will view your SMS in your PC.



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