Sybase PowerBuilder Runtime Setup Error

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Hey experts,

Our company is currently using web server, running on Windows 2000 SP4. I was trying to install the program, Sybase PowerBuilder but I keep receiving the attached error message, regarding the pbjvm115.dll every time I try to install the software.  

Has anyone seen this error message before: 

Module C:Program

FilesSybaseSharedPowerBuilderpbjvm115.dill failed to

register . Hresult -2147024769. Contact Your support


Do you think our system is not capable of running this software?

Anyone who has an idea regarding the system requirements for Sybase PowerBuilder.Net runtime?

Does anyone have the same issue installing this program?

I was hoping that someone would know, the possible solution with this Sybase issue.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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Sybase PowerBuilder Runtime Setup Error


The newly created applications in Power Builder .NET would refer to many .NET assemblies inevitably and the applications have to be existed in the global assembly cache (GAC) on any run time or design time machines.

The program of Power Builder setup is required to install the assemblies in GAC on design time machine but also install them in the GAC on every run time machine.

The .NET Framework version and Microsoft assemblies that installed in Power Builder would be redistributed to run time machine with Power Builder Run time Packager. These include the following.

  • System.Xml.Linq.dll (v 3.5)
  • WindowsBase.dll (v 3.0)
  • PresentationFramework.dll (v 3.0)
  • PresentationCore.dll (v 3.0)
  • System.dll (v 2.0)

The Runtime Packager also install the follow Sybase assemblies which are required on run time machines.  These include the following.

  • Sybase.PowerBuilder.Core.dll
  • Sybase.PowerBuilder.Interop.dll
  • Sybase.PowerBuilder.Common.dll
  • Sybase.PowerBuilder.WPF.dll

Regards, Balram Singh

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Sybase PowerBuilder Runtime Setup Error


It seems that the application that you are trying to install is not compatible to the platform of your system, but that does not imply that you cannot use the application. You will need to do the following as a resolution to that:

  • Access the manufacturer’s website for that application and from there search for the application; note that you will need to specify the system requirements you are using to be able to download an application that is compatible to your system.
  • Download the application and try installing it again.

In case you download from the manufacturer's site and you still encounter the same problems, then you will need to contact the customer support and let them help you fix the problem.

-Clair Charles

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